Team Breen

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Jimmy Allen Ba Parasol

Here is our latest Easy Built Models  Jimmie Allen Ba Parasol This aiplane really suprized me it flew great right off the bord it just needed a littel right ruder to tighten up the turn in the glide other than that it required no ajustments. it is a really good flying airplane. It is powered by 3 loops of 1/8 20" long turning the fire out of a peck 8" silver prop. this airplane continues to surprise use . On Dec.7 ( Pearl Harbor day) we flew right at dark and got one flight of 1 min and 4 sec and another flight of 55 sec . in no lift.


Her eis my Dad holding the model .


. It is covered with Esike Tissue.


All the markings and the pilot are from a Joe Ott kit from the earlly 1940s.


Up Up and away.