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Here are a few Videos of our R/c and ff models.

This is Pauls Curtiss MF Seagull video it was taken by Denny parker

This is our 2nd try at on board video better but we are still lurning.

This is the test flight of Paul Sages PBY it has a 108" wing span and is powerd by to electric motors.

GrandPa and the Boys flying free flight.

This is my Dads Flying Ases Moth.

This Next video is of my  Easy Built models Ba Parasol .

This is my Dad flying my Easy Built Models Scatterbrain.

Pauls Grandson shot a low rez video of the seagull witch we then added  a color efect to . The Seagull was Built by Paul and was Desighned by Paul and my self it waighs 46 Lbs for more info cheack out its page on the sight.

This is the test flight of Paul Sages SeaKadet Paul Desighned and built this model it has a 72" wing and is powered by a elc. motor.

My dads  cloudbuster . All these videos where taken with my digatel Camera and are not great . It was geting dark and it was having problems focasing befor long I will try to get some video with a reg. video camera and up load them .


This is my Easy built Models Skokie it is a Jimmy Allen rules model.

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