Team Breen

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Flyboy Experament

A few weeks ago we came up with the idea of Building 2 Comet flyboys ( now guilows calls them the Cloudbuster )
I built one for my self and one for my Dad. they where built as close to Identical as I could get them. we plan to fly them for a litel wile just like they are now and match there proforments as close as we can. then we are going to start making trim changes and changing the prop and motors and see how much profoments we can get out of them . I finished the airplanes up a fewdays ago but it has been really wendy so we have only had a chance to fly my dads airplane. Tonight right at dark we put in 3 flights the first flight we just had a few winds in it for a quick test hope it flew really nice with a gental turn to the right the secound flight we crancked in a few more winds and got 29.22 sec, the 3rd flight we cranked in about
650 winds and got a flight of 45.55 sec. I think these 2 airplanes are going to make really nice flyers and a good test bed to see how difrent changes efect the flight times and flight profiles.
On Jan 11 dads flyboy flown right at dark flight one 50 sec and anouther flight of 57 sec.
Jan 12 Dads plane  flew one flight of 1 Min. 10 sec and another flight of 55. sec.
I have had some problems geting my Flyboy trimed out and I ened up having to take a worp out of one wing . however on Jan 11 I had a flight of 47 sec .


This is my Dad with his flyboy . It has 1 loop of 1/8 12.5" long.


This is my flyboy Right now they are set up as Identicel as we can make them .



Here is 2 inflight pictures of my dads airplane .