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These are a few pictures of the pilot and panel for the c3


Paul Machines the Black nobe from a nilon Ball


The fuel valve base was made from alu.
and the Handel was carved from wood.

This is as we where sculpting the pilot from clay

Here are the 2 mold halfs that where made
off of the sculpted clay

Here are the first to pilots pulled from the mold
the one with the X's is for testing paints.

Also in these pictures the pilots had not had the Flashing removed.

I grabed on of my sons jakets to see if it fit :)
The cap still has to be shaped.

The strange looking bumps on the side of his head will hopfully turn into ear phones :)  as paint and hard ware are added.
This was the first pilot I ever tryed to sculpt the next one will have ears and I will build ear phones that go over them. this time I did not feel like I was abeal to do that though.