Team Breen

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This is me EZ build Rainbow it weights 2 and 3/4 OZ.  We now have a few flights on the Rainbow and It is finally starting to get trimed out ( I say finally becouse to start with I had to much right thrust in it and to much rudder and it has taken me longer than I thought to get it dialed in. but it is starting to come around and I really like the way it flyes . Right now it is powered by 8 strans of 1/8   27" long On Oct. 18  just a littel befor dark we cranked in about  900 winds and got a 1 min 10sec flight in no lift.  On Dec. 2  late in the evening we had one flight of  1 min 2sec and another flight of 1min 11 sec.


It has a wing span of 36"


Right now I have 3 loops ( 6 Strands) of 1/8 super sport 30" long.


This was a very Ez and fun airplane to build .


It is covered and trimed with yellow and black tissue . There is no paint on the plane expt the wheels and the black on the balsa block for the nose is painted with a sharpy.