Team Breen

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Jimmy Allen Skokie

This is our  easy built models Jimmy Allen   Skokie. I got really lucky on this airplane I took it out and test glided it and it needed no waight added any where then I put a few winds in it and it went straight as a Arrow . I put in a littel right thrust and a littel right rudder and put in a few more winds and it flew and turned great so one the next flight we cranked in about 350 winds and it flew great and put in a 31sec. flight then we cranked in 700 winds and it flew 48 secounds .  these flights where flown late in the evening  with 6 strands of 1/8 17" long. Nov.08 2007 we now have a 20" 6 strand mottor init and tonight right at dark with no lift it flew 1 min 3 sec. On Dec 7 we flew this airplane again right at dark and got 1 flight of 1 min 23 sec ,another flight of 1min 11 sec and another of 1 min 2 sec.

Here are some newer flight times we fly this airplane a lot so I am going to try adding them in a list fomate
Dec 19 2007 1 min 22 sec
Dec 22            1 min 10 sec
Dec 25            1 min 8sec
-------------------  1 min 05 sec
Dec 29              1 min 10 sec
All flights where flown with 8 strands of 1/8 late in the evening this time of year it is normally wendy in the midel of the day here but as soon as I can I am going to try and put this airplane up into some lift.


I still need to add some wood to the landing gear but I was in a hurry to get this in the air :)


I preshrunk the tissue on the rudder and it is a litel loss and rinkeled but I was woried about it worping.


The airplane is not light ( at lest I do not think it is it waighs in at 2 oz) but it is a very strong and stiff plane that repeats it self every flight.


I plan to add a littel wood to the landing gear just to fare it in and allso if I can work up the ambition I would like to build a set of wood wheels.