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For years this has been a website just for our free flight models. Now we will feature our R/C models as well.    We hope you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by!

~ The Breens  

Team Breen is made up of George & Joelyn, Mike & Jessica, Matthew, Joseph, and honorary member Paul Sage.

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Update for 11-04-13
 New pictures of the
pilot and  Interior
in the C3

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Update for 10-30-13
 New pictures
and info about the

Caiman clipper

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Update for 10-30-13
 Our Pilots
Page added

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Update for 10-30-13
 Dad's Bf110
Page added


Update for 10-29-13
 New in flight video
added of Dads Robinhood

Update for 10-29-13
 New video
Of the

Caiman clipper

Update for 05-18-13
 A Few pictures of dads
Robinhood added

Click on picture to visit robenhood page

Update for 05-15-13
 NEW Video 
Of Dad and Johns
TBM p40
More video coming soon.

Update for 10-01-12
 The C3  video is ready to go .

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Click on pic. for pics. of 66 in flight
Paul Sage and My Dad George Breen with the SM66

Here is a video of the 66 in flight it starts out with 4 still pictures and then the video starts.

New pictures by Lee are up click on the picture below.


 Pauls MF seagull .
in flight.

Update for 05-18-13
 New Video posted
Of Dad, Matt,and Joe
Flying Rubber band

Click here to view or YouTube Chanle

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!