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Hi.  I'm Ruben Rios.  Now 38 years old, I'm a C3 quadrapelegic subsequent to a gunshot wound suffered in 1988.  Since then my life has changed in many ways.  Thanks to God, family and friends I've been able to stay positive and learn to not only live, but to love my life.  Today, I paint using a mouth stick with a paint brush attached.  Here, you can see some of my work, learn more about me and the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by, I hope you enjoy the site.


About Me - Here, you can read a little about me and my family, as well as my art and how I started painting.

Gallery - Click on this link to see more of my work.

Photos - On this page you'll find before & after photos of me and a few shots of my family.

AMFPA - This is my favorite page. Containg information about the Association which gave my life meaning, I'm sure you'll enjoy it..




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