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Atomic 4 propeller

The Atomic 4 PerfectPitch Propeller
Added Power for your Universal Atomic 4 engine

priced at $290


 We started building props for the Atomic 4 in 1987. Our goal was to find a diameter and pitch combination which would make the most of the engine's direct drive in forward and 1.3:1 gear reduction in reverse. We also wanted to keep the prop's drag under sail at an acceptable level for cruising and casual racing sailors. Our Atomic 4 PerfectPitch Propeller fits this bill. Its diameter is 12" with variable pitch: 6" for maximum speed, 7" for cruising, and 11" for reverse.

Variable pitch vs. fixed pitch. We surveyed 96 sailors with Atomic 4's who replaced their bronze props with the Atomic 4 PerfectPitch prop. Here are the results:

How does the PerfectPitch compare with bronze Better Same Worse
in Forward? 90% 10% 0%
in Reverse? 96% 3% 1%

Easy to order. As long as your prop is in open water, and has no gear reduction in forward (a few Atomic 4's do), ordering is easy. Simply tell us your shaft diameter: 3/4", 7/8" or 1" (the same diameter as the zincs used on the shaft). We've taken care of the details, so you buy, haul and install just once.

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          A word of caution.  One propeller manufacturer claims to have a special material that resists marine growth if the zincs are removed from the shaft. This may be true, but many of the marine and corrosion experts that we have talked with are leery of removing the zincs from the propeller shaft because something else will become the sacrificial anode in any galvanic reaction occurring along the propeller shaft. The question is how much of which part will be sacrificed and how is the life of that part affected. Most would rather keep the zinc on and know that the zinc will save all the remaining parts. The zinc is cheap, easy to replace and it will not fail catastrophically. Extra caution and care for boats in slips may be required. There have been reports of accelerated galvanic corrosion caused by stray currents from other boats and harbor wiring. While our props are inherently resistant to galvanic action we still recommend zincs to control galvanic reactions in other parts.

          For control of agressive marine growth we recommend maintaining the prop much the same as you do the hull of the boat. Paint the prop at the same time as the bottom but use a non ablative (hard coating) water based paint on the prop.

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