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In order to calculate which prop is best for your boat and engine combination, Please complete the form below with the information needed to calculate your propeller. 

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Only dimensions for D,C,A are needed for props in open water. Note: in open water configurations the dimension A can be left blank if the distance to the rudder is greater than 20 inches.
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We usually reply by email within 24 hours with a complete quote and pricing for your boat and motor.


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Boat considerations  

            Length at the water line (lwl) determines the maximum speed of the boat while the displacement determines the power required to attain that speed.








Propeller mounting styles of aperature or open water. 

The dimensions of some configurations can linit the size of the propeller used on the boat. See max propeller size determination.



aperture dimensions

open water dimensions


Motor Information

            The horsepower, rpm, and gear ratio of the motor are used to calculate the diameter of the propeller needed to transmit the hp and how far the boat must travel with each revolution to attain the desired boat speed. 

            Motors are usually specified as supplying horse power at a specific rpm. However the advertised horsepower is usually peak horsepower, which is rarely used in propeller selection. The manufacturer often recommendation a different HP at RPM to be used for propeller matching. This can be listed in many forms: continuous operation, and propeller matching, are a few of the listings.  Some manufacturers will not have an obvious rating, in those cases 80% of rated HP and corresponding rpm is used.

Information about your present propeller and how it is working with your motor helps us determine if your boat is over-propped or under-propped and can indicate if some adjustments may be needed to supply you with the best possible propeller.

propeller styles

fixed 2 blade and extendo
feathering prop
available 2010

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