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Available for imedate delivery just give us a day to set your prop to the pitch you will need for your application!!!

Feathered for sailing
open for motoring

            We produced feathering props for many years and earned a reputation for reliability, long life and ease of operation. They were discontinued about 12 years ago because of high production costs. Our engineers spent a year looking for ways to reduce the cost without sacrificing quality and were successful!!

          You can now buy a feathering propeller for less than you would expect to pay for a folding propeller.

15” diameter   1” ,1 1/8, or 1    Shaft sizes       $1400

16” diameter   1”, 1 1/8, or 1    Shaft sizes       $1475

17”  diameter   1” ,1 1/8 ,or 1    Shaft sizes       $1550 

Pitch is set to match your boat and motor when ordered.


Reliable, No gears to jam or lubricate.


Low maintenance, simply remove marine growth and barnacles


Adjustable Pitch,                        

The pitch is set at the factory to match your boat and motor. If during sea trials it is determined that a different pitch would improve performance. Just turn two screws to change the pitch.

apreature configuration

Aperture configurations.

The Performance Propellers feathering prop will fit in Many aperture configurations delivering sailing performance usually  found only in open water configurations. 

The dimensions to check your aperture fit can be found at 

Feathering propeller clearence




open water configuration

Open water considerations 
Dimension C needs to be 15 to 20% of the prop diameter


       Forward Engage the forward gear with the motor idled to below 1000 rpm. Advance the throttle as desired after the gear is engaged


            REVERSE.  Idle the motor to less than 1000 rpm. Engage the reverse gear and advance the throttle as desired.


       FEATHERING.  The prop will feather only after having been run in forward. You must engage the gear shift in forward prior to shutting down the engine although it can be left in neutral before shutting down. After shutting down the motor can be put in gear (normally reverse) to lock the shaft or use a shaft lock if desired. See engine manual.


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Feathering propeller parts and operation

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Feathering propellers replacing a blade

Feathering propeller clearence


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