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Feathering propeller clearence

Here are the dimensions you will need to check clearance before ordering. The illustration is with the propeller in the feathered position.

       The fore and aft dimensions are measured from behind the mounting nut which is the mounting face of your present propeller. If your propeller is not on the shaft measure from the end of the Tapered portion of the shaft where the treads begin. (This is not the end of the shaft, many prop installations have had the installer modify the end of the shafts so the end of the shaft is not a good place to start measuring for clearances.)


For your convince we have included the 15 to 20% clearances recommended for operating under power on the diameter and radius dimensions. The clearance fore and aft are for the feathered position When the prop is powered the operating clearances will be correct. 

        The nut used for mounting is a stainless steel elastic stop nut and does not require a n additional locking nut and pin.
 Note for some instalations you may need to add assembly clearences

feathering Propeller clearence

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