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Your Performance Propeller Feathering propeller will be shipped preset to an agreed upon pitch. However, since every boat/motor/drive train is different it is most probable that this pitch while close it will not be totally correct for optimum Performance. We strongly suggest fine tuning the pitch to get the most from your boat under power (see below)


To measure the pitch, place the pitch gage supplied with the propeller against the after face of the outer hub with the tab on the gage against the reverse stop (see drawing)  While the pitch indicated is approximately correct, it is more important to have both blades the same and the performance optimized than to have a specific pitch. Differences in boats, motors, drive trains, fuel management systems and the way you operate your boat can make the optimal pitch for each boat different.


Once the blades are set to the same pitch, you should make minor corrections to the pitch after having observed the motoring characteristics. If the motor is not reaching its maximum rated RPM at full throttle, as measured by a tachometer, you can decrease the pitch until it does. If the motor reaches its full rated RPM but the boat is not reaching hell speed you can increase the pitch until you no longer reach full RPM.

The performance of the feathering propeller can be optimized by adjusting the pitch after the prop is installed and the boat is in the water. Small pitch changes can make a big difference. PLEASE NOTE: if you increase the pitch to the point where there is no backlash (see below) you must adjust the backlash as well to avoid premature failure of the prop blades.


            A set screw on each blade bears on the forward stop pin to set the forward pitch of that blade. Both blades must be set to the same pitch to avoid vibration, Each 1/3 clockwise turn on the pitch screw increases the pitch one inch and vice versa.

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