Feathering propellers replacing a blade

            It is best to remove the propeller to

replace a damaged blade. Once removed:


1: Loosen the locking screw on the thrust ring (part H on the diagram) and back off the thrust ring until you gain access to the flat-head socket screw (F) in the locking plate (part E )


2; Back that screw off about 3/8 of an inch. Do not completely remove the screw as you may lose the locking plate.

3: Slide the locking plate away from the spindle (part d), thereby unlocking the blade.


4: Remove the blade.


5: Transfer any hardware missing from the replacement blade to the new blade and place the new blade over the spindle.


6: Slide the locking plate toward the spindle until it engages the groove on the spindle. Tighten the locking plate screw. Notice that the screw turns quite hard. This is to prevent the screw from backing off during operation of the prop.

7: Check that the screw is firmly seated and that the blade rotates into the feathered Position. It need not be very loose or match the other blade as the hydrodynamic forces causing the blades to turn are quite strong.


8: Screw the thrust ring back on to the inner hub until you reach the original position marked by the facing arrows. Lock the thrust ring in place using the socket head screw on the ring.


9: Set the pitch on the new blade to match the other blade.



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