The Tear

Change of Season
The Tear
Reflection - Life - Mirror
Healed Heart
Samuel Nathan Sandoval
Physical Death, Leaving Earth
Cancer Visits
A Grandfather's Hands
Promise - Hope
Moon, Night ~ Sun, Day
Creation, Powerful God
I'm Still Being Mended!
What Happens When We Cry
Leaving the Nest
Cultural, Race, God
Her Room
Deep Cleansing & Reflection
Rescued - Safe
Samantha Runnion, kidnapped, killed
Lost Children ~ Help ~ Unwanted ~ Streets
Where is Mama's Voice?
Battling Addiction
My Friend, Delo Wood
Dick Hayden to Helen
Flower Garden
September 11, 2001
Because of September 11th
September 11th ~ Seed From A Darkened Heart!
Do You Believe?
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Her hair as dark as a raven's wings
Her voice so mystical when she sings
Her skin as soft as nature brings
These things I see as she tightly clings
To the one that loved her in the spring.

Now all she holds is the memory
Of the time they loved so tenderly
And in her eye,
the tear I see
Is shed as part of reality.

DeLayne V. Perry

Copyright 2006 DeLayne Victoria Perry