One Broken Child = One Million Broken Hearts

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~ Samantha Runnion ~

The Eyes and Smile of Innocence

What era are we living in that openly gives consent to sin?

Putting naked children's bodies on display

to spark the imaginations of those with minds depraved!

One day an innocent child runs, laughs and screams without fears

The next day that little one disappears!

The parents filled with horror, panic and fright

realize their child was stolen during the night!


People, what does this mean and what is going on?

Evil is real and once again, the devil's work has been done!


Soon she is found, tossed like trash to the ground!

A broken child, without breath tortured till death!


God looks and is grieved and the parents are bereaved!

Only her memory lives on and we catch a glimpse of her picture ~

As one million hearts are breaking by the anguish of this taking

of a life once filled with promise for the future!


Exposed she once lay open and drained of life’s blood ~

Now she is free and dancing with the angels in the presence of God!

As for mom and dad and loved ones, they feel the pain of fiery darts!

One broken child equals one million broken hearts!


DeLayne V Perry

Copyright 2002 DeLayne Perry

Precious Child

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