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September 11, 2001
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September 11th ~ Seed From A Darkened Heart!
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~ God Bottles Your Tears in Heaven ~

Where do they go, these tears that we cry?
Who will know as we wipe our eyes dry?
Is something being measured?
What does this emotion show?
Is there something being treasured?
One after another the tears flow.

There are silent tears unseen
those times we think we are alone.
There are tears that talk out loud
accompanying voices on the phone.
Are they numbered, does someone know?
Tears of sorrow when we say Goodbye.
Tears of joy when we say Hello.
Nights when we cry ourselves to sleep
we think no one can understand.
Yet everytime we weep, a pool is
collected in the Master's hand;
Through His fingers into a bottle flows
every possible emotion.
The redeeming Master knows!

DeLayne Victoria Perry

Copyright 2001 DeLayne Perry

Sadness? Joy? Grief? Anger? Love? Fear?
Hurt? Birth? Betrayal? Loneliness?
He understands every tear..... none are wasted... cleansing!
It's quite alright to cry.