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1945 Willy's MB & 1944 Couse 1/2 Ton Trailer & 1945 Converto T-6 1/4 Ton Trailer

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1944 P-51D Mustang Flying Replica
1943 Interstate L-6 Last Original Flying
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1945 Willy's MB & 1944 Couse 1/2 Ton Trailer & 1945 Converto T-6 1/4 Ton Trailer
1943 Clark Clarktor 6 Aircraft Tug
1942 Harley Davidson WLA Motorcycle
1944 Cushman Model 53 Airborne Scooter
1945 John Wood M3A4 Utility Hand Cart
1941 Link Model C-3 Instrument Trainer
1944 Model M9B Norden Bombsight

This jeep and the trailers make a rare combination.  The MB was from the last production run and came out in mid-45.  It has never been patched or rewelded, and is 95% original as the day it was built.  The 1/2 ton trailer was made by Couse Labs and built as a Spares Trailer for the Navy.  Both are outfitted with an array of original items which would have been found aboard the USS Shangri-La in 1945 and during Japan occupation.  The Converto T-6 1/4 ton trailer is a very rare Navy example contracted by the Bureau of Aeronautics.  I use these vehicles primarily for parades.  Includes all the original manuals and spare parts and tools.


USS Shangri La Utility Vehicle


Never rusted, cut, or welded


Driver and Passenger Area


Extremely Rare 1/2 Ton Navy Trailer


Extremely Rare 1/4 Ton Navy Trailer


Fully Decked Out and Functional


The 134.2 cu. in. Go Devil Engine


Rear Seat Used for Storage


Trailer Filled with Flight Deck Items


Navy Bureau of Aeronautics Data Plate

Keeping the Memory of WWII Alive