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These are the most frequently asked questions and concerns of visitors to this site~

Question;  How do I order one of your songs or album... what is the process?
Answer;  Well, the process is this... when you hit the 'Pay Pal' or 'Visa' button, and after completing the information and submitting payment, 'Pay Pal' instantly sends me an e-mail of your order with only the required information to send the file(s) directly to you.
Question;  Then you do not actually see any of my information regarding my bank account or payment?
Answer;  No, that information is only securely made available to 'Pay Pal' through you.
Question;  How long does it take for me to recieve the order, and what if my order never arrives?
Answer;  I will send the file(s) within 12 hours of your request.  You need a valid e-mail address to place your order, I send the file(s) directly to your address in a compressed .rar or .zip file so the files are small enough to recieve in e-mail form.  Unless your web server is down temporarily (in which case it will be waiting for you when it comes back up), it is practically impossible for it not to arrive.
Question;  What if I have problems installing your models?
Answer;  I make my e-mail address available to all who download a design/model, they can always feel free to e-mail me with any questions and I will personally help them.

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