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INTERVIEWER;  So, how and when did you get started producing music and recording your lyrics?
PROPHET; I started a little over two years ago, right after the birth of my baby girl Cas.  Two days after she was born, I went home from the hospital to shower up and rest for a minute.  I then, for some odd reason, decided to sit down and write her a poem... I don't know, it just came to me from out of nowhere.  I never really had tried to write any poetry before that and what I had written for her came out really good.  A few days after that, I had a thought... how hard could it be to put simple poetry into song format?  So I got online and started writing to a metranome.  Being that I had been an Emcee/DJ in the adult entertainment industry for 12 years before that, I just started breaking down... or, "reverse engin-ear-ing" everything I had been listening to over the years.  It came to me pretty easily actually... I was very suprised at how short of time it took me to start writing whole songs...

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