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Welcome... to 3in1! Home to the worlds most controversial hip-hop artist/lyricist to date... Illprophet!


Here, you can listen to and download Prophets' songz as well as Prophets' album.  You can also take advantage of the many GTA modz available (VC and SA), read interviews with the artist or browse the many images.  You can ask Prophet questions as well as freestyle to many of his established tracks.  Have fun! and help continue the fight for real truth and genuine freedom! ...not the illusion of.

Welcizzle to 3in1 prodizzle!
Prophet has been producing music and writing lyrics for only a short time but has already surpassed many mainstream artists lyrical 'skill'.  Prophets' raw, blunt and murdurous lyrics are controversial and untouched by the artists of the hip-hop scene today.  Compared only to the likes of Immortal Technique, Rage against the Machine and TuPac, this artists' lyrics are brutal in the biblical sense of the word.  Adhereing to more truth about human behavior and real life scenarios then most people care to learn about, let alone understand. Prophet is a true rebel in a society of lies and multi-billion dollar brainwashing schemes. Prepare... to have your mind bleed.  Prepare yourself ...for Illprophet.




Prophet takes enormous pride in his creations, and hopes that you'll find something on this site that you'll enjoy. Hey! hold up! Who the hell is writing this crap!?  I could give a flyin' fuck what little ol' you think.
We look forward to doing business with you...  now piss off! ~hehehe

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