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About making custom electronics...
Included here are details on the electronic gadgets I have made available for free flight models.  Please understand that free flight is first and foremost a hobby for my own personal enjoyment, but I've decided to do the best I can to share some of my electronics for the hopeful benefit of others in the sport.  This is therefore a small part time business and products are available only when I can get my assemblers to build more than the demand, which so far has been difficult.  It is simply very expensive to build and support custom electronic devices in small quantities.  When electronics are built in mass quantities for the consumer market something simple might cost $19.95, whereas to make something simple for free flight models costs 10 or 20 times that much, but I say if you can find something cheaper out there please go BUY IT!  This is not an advertisement to generate business but is for information purposes.  I sell this stuff only to people who REALLY want it, and understand the risks that come with trying to build stuff in such small numbers and are willing to work with me to sort out potential problems.  I'll do whatever I can to make the product work well and provide support, but there are limits.  I have always given free service and repairs for a full year after purchase and I will be happy to give a full refund to anyone not happy during the first year for items still in new condition.

What's Going On Currently
I'm updating this in September 2013.  I'm now working in San Jose but still go back and forth to my same Chino Hills address.  Note my new phone number 408-234-2486.  For quick repair work please contact me directly to send things to my alternate address which is currently in a state of flux.  RDT continues to be in huge demand and is available in more flavors than ever including an option to use a common "Eflite" parkzone type LiPo battery for the stand alone operation.  The altimeters are now gone.

My "Dream On" glider over Elsinore, CA, 1977

RDT Receiver weighs 1g, antenna is 3" long

Ken Bauer
2306 Turquoise Circle
Chino Hills, CA  91709