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The Magic Power of Life

Spiritual and Supernatural Stories of the Lovara Gypsies

Born in Shanghail in 1931, Victor Vishnevsky is a Russian Lovara Rom by culture, an Iranian by citizenship, and a resident of Brazil.
In his first book, Memories of a Gypsy, he told the story of his life and world travels.
Now, in The Magic Power of Life, Vishnevsky recounts legends and first-hand experiences of the supernatural set in Russia, China, Burma, Iran, and South America. Addressing the reader directly, he also relates and comments on Rom ritual and world events.
The accompanying audio CD features the author telling six of the stories in the Lovara Romani language, with music by his son, Latsi Vishnevsky.
93 pages + audio CD.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787728-1-9.
$20 + postage

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"The story goes that ... our clan wanted to cross a forest. The people there warned our elders not to cross the forest at night, because the forest is owned by a ghost."


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