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The Paternal lineage of the MacTavish Chiefs 

(as ascended from the epytom of the clan)

A Clan MacTavish Official Website

The Chiefs of Clan MacTavish


Patronymic: Mac Tamhais Mor

( Son of Great Taviss )



Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry

MacTamhais Mor

Present Chief of the Clan, Arms and Name of MacTavish


b. 19 Feb 1951

male heir succeeding his father


Edward Stewart Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry

b. 14 Jul 1929

d. 19 Jun 2005, succeeding his father


Andrew Dugald MacTavish

b. 20 Dec 1890

d. 14 Feb 1970

male heir in 25 Dec 1954, succeeding his brother


John William MacTavish

b. Jan 1889

d. 24 Dec 1954

male heir in Jan 1943, succeeding his father


Andrew Dugald MacTavish,

North West Mounted Police

b. Jan 1866

d. Jan 1943

male heir in 1900, succeeding his brother


Doctor James William MacTavish, Esq, MD

b. 1860

d. 1900

male heir in 1870, succeeding his father


Governor William MacTavish of Kilchrist

Governor of Assinaboia and Rupertsland

b. 1815

d. 1870

male heir in 1855, succeeding his father


Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry and Kilchrist

One of His Majesty's Writers to the Signet, Sheriff Substitute at Campbeltown

b. 1782

d. 1855 at Kilchrist

male heir in 1796, succeeding his father


Ensign Lachlan MacTavish of Dunadry, Esq.

Governor, General Tax Department,

St. James Court, Edinburgh

d. 1796

male heir, succeeding his father


Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry, Esq.

Lieutenant, King's 3rd Foot Guards

(Scots Guards)

d. 1782


Captain Archibald MacTavish of Dunardry

male heir, succeeding his father

(Archibald McCawis)

d. ca. 18 Nov 1752


Donald MacTavish male heir, succeeding his cousin

(nephew of Donald MacTavish,

Canassarie Castle)

d. ca. 18 Sept 1700


Alexander MacTavish

d. 1685 with the 9th Earl of Argyle in the Manmouth Rebellion

male heir, succeeding his brother


Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry

(Dougall M’Tavish of Dunadarie)

Officer of the Guard at Canassarie Castle

Hung from the highest parapret of Canassarie Castle, 1685,

(Manmouth Rebellion)


Donald MacTavish of Dunardry

15 May 1669, Inverary, Charter


Eoin (John) MacTavish of Dunardry

(John McCawis of Tonardarie)

d. ca. 15 May 1669


Archibald MacTavish of Dunardry

(Archibald McCavis of Tonardarie)


Ian (John) MacTavish of Dunardry

(John McPatrick VcDouill McCawis of Tonardarie)

d. before 6 Nov 1633


Patrick MacTavish of Dunardry

(Patrick McDouill VcAne VcCawis of Tonardarie)


Dougall MacTavish of Dunadry

(Dougall McAne VcAllister VcEwin)

d. bef. 20 Oct 1547


Ean (John or Ewin) MacTavish of Dunardry

d.  9 September 1513, at the

Battle of Flodden, along with

James IV King of Scots


Alexander (Allister) MacTavish

ca. 1450-1514


Ewin MacTavish, Knapdale

ca. 1375-1455


Doncan MacThamais

Duncan MacTavish, Baron

A Baron of Argyll, Knapdale

ca. 1300-1380


Ean MacTawy in Knapdale

ca. 1250-1320


Taviss of Scannish in Cowall

Full Name Not Known

Ca. 1200-1270


Taviss of Scannish in Cowall

Full Name Not Known

Ca. 1170-1235


Taviss of Scannish in Cowall

Full Name Not Known

ca.1130 -1200


Taviss (Mor) Coir

b. 1105

"Conqueror of Cowall"


in Scotland