BAFL Rules (updated Feb, 2012)

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BAFL Rules

[updated February, 2014]

Pre-Season Draft

  • Will be held after the last warm-up game and before the NFL openers.
  • Will consist of 19 rounds held in "switchback" format (17 if 11-12 teams).
  • Drafting order will be determined by drawing a drafting position out of a hat, previous year’s big loser through big winner. Drawer has option of keeping the position or redrawing once.
  • Each team must draft 3 quarterbacks, 6 running backs, 6 receivers/tight ends, 2 kickers, 2 defense/special teams. If 11-12 teams, we go to 5 running backs, 5 receivers.   Note that tight ends are treated as receivers, not a separate position.  This total number of players for a team is defined as the “ROSTER”.
  • Each team will provide $150 security deposit a portion of which will cover software costs. Until a team pays its $150 entry fee, it may not draft any players.  Teams will also play head to head for a $25 per team fee. At Mid-season, losing teams can elect to pay a minimum of half of their current losses. Security deposits will be returned to the winning teams and teams owing may use those funds to offset any money owed.
  • 1/2 of league fees for the upcoming year are due at or before the BAFL party (ie., $75 per current league rules). The remaining 1/2 will be due no later than one month prior to the BAFL draft. If the remaining 1/2 of the league fee is not received by that date, the offending team will be disqualified and $20 of their original payment will be forfeit (this money will be added to the party fund). The remaining balance will be returned. If the offending franchise requires membership, that $20 will be credited toward the league fee. New membership will then be solicited with the entire entry fee required upon acceptance. (Exceptions will be determined by BAFL Executive Committee.)  For 2014 only, the entire $150 entry fee is due 30 days before the 2014 draft (by about August 3).   

Mid-Season Draft

  • Mid-Season Draft will be held after the completion of week 8 games. This is an opportunity to drop and pick up players without cost other than a player move.

Roster Changes

  • A roster change is defined as a trade, a drop at mid-season, or a free agent acquisition.
  • A maximum of 10 roster changes per team is allowed during the entire season, including playoffs.
  • Multiple Player Trade only counts as 1 move.
  • It is possible that a team may end up short of the number of positions allocated from the pre-season draft. In that case, there is a $1.00 goat tax charge for each empty roster position for each week that the position is empty. In no case may you end up with more than the allotted number of players in each position.
  • All roster changes must be complete BEFORE kickoff of the first game of the following weekend’s NFL schedule. 

Keeper Player

  • Commencing with the 2012 BAFL season, a team may elect to keep a player that they drafted AFTER the 10th round for the subsequent BAFL season.  EXAMPLE: TEAM-A selects QB Andrew Luck with their 11th round pick in 2012.  For the 2013 season, TEAM-A decides that they want to keep Luck on their roster and that player is now not available to any other BAFL team.
  • The team forfeits its following season's same round selection for the player they are keeping.  EXAMPLE: Luck is taken in the 11th round in 2012 so TEAM-A does not get a pick in the 11th round in 2013. 
  • A team may not designate the same player for more than one additional season.  EXAMPLE: TEAM-A keeps Luck for the 2013 season.  However they are not permitted to keep Luck for the 2014 season and that player returns to the general availability pool.  TEAM-A may elect to keep a different eligible player for the 2014 season.  In this example, that player would have had to have been drafted in the 12th round or later. 


  • A trade of players is allowed up to, but not including the, the 14th week of the season.
  • A trade transaction costs a $5 flat fee.  It does not matter how many players are involved, the fee remains $5.  Teams involved in the trade may determine how fee is paid.

Free Agent Acquisitions

  • Open Free Agency - FA's may be signed by any team Providing:
  • Weekly FA signing period begins with the posting of the previous weekend’s results on the BAFL web site.  If technical difficulties prevent the weekly posting of results on said web site, the League Statistician will email these results to league teams when they are completed (i.e., AFTER completion of the last scheduled NFL game for that weekend).
  • The FA passes through waivers in the reverse order of the standings. Teams select based on total points from bottom to top
  • Free agency opens weekly Tuesday at 0700, starting with Week 2

  • Teams use RTSports waiver request system to submit request

  • Weekly free agency closes 24 hours before first NFL game of the week (e.g., Wed at 2030 for Thu game)

  • Since there are no emails issued by the RTSport system, it will be incumbent on every team to check the waiver wire each week to see if there are any players that they wish to take that may have already been selected by another team.  The RTSports waiver wire will reward players based on waiver position after the week’s deadline.

  • It will be the Commissioner’s job to review the transactions each week and assess fees accordingly. 

  • If the FA is picked up by another team through the waiver process, that team must drop a player at that position (though that dropped player need not be IR or recipient of NFL cut). The team that had originally asked for the FA may pick up the newly cut player free of charge if they desire.
  • If the originating claim team picks up the FA, there is a $5 charge for the party fund.
  • If a team other than the originating claim team picks up the FA, that team is charged $5, plus a $2 waiver fee, again to the party fund. If the system tracks players that were selected then “stolen”, we will continue to charge the extra $2 free agency fee. 


  • The BAFL is a “total points” league, i.e., every team is playing every other team each week.
  • Each point scored is worth 8 cents.
  • A weekly LINEUP is defined as a subset of players from a team’s ROSTER made up of the following numbers of the following positions: one (1) QB, one (1) K, one (1) D-ST and either (a) two (2) RBs and three (3) R’s OR (b) one (1) RB and four (4) R’s (also known as the “run-and-shoot offense”).   
  • Each team will provide a weekly lineup to the commissioner or on the league web site prior to the start (kickoff) of each  player’s game.   (IE, if a player does not have a game until Monday night, the coach has the option of waiting until just prior to the Monday game to start him assuming that the lineup played prior to the Monday night game allows for a Monday night starter.)
  • If a lineup is not provided prior to the start of the Sunday game, the last valid lineup is used.
  • Judgments as to roster manipulations and use are strictly under the league commissioner’s purview.   The Commissioner has final say on all league roster matters.

Head to Head Play

  • All teams will participate in the Head-to-Head play. $25 of each team’s initial $150 entry fee will be earmarked for the H-T-H prize fund.  All teams’ scores will count. Only teams contributing money will be eligible for playoffs and prize money. Teams will agree on what to contribute. A 12 game regular season will determine the top six teams for a three week playoff. Order of play will be: First and second seeded teams will have a Week 13 bye.  First round of playoffs in Week 13 will be: Third seed plays the 6th seed. Fourth seed plays the 5th place team.  Winners move on to play in weeks 14 and 15, with the lowest seed remaining playing the number one seed. Winners in week 14 will play for the BAFL Bowl. The losers will play for third place money. Prize money will be split - 1st - 60%, 2nd - 30%, and 3rd - 10%. Total points can be used to break ties to determine top six.
  • Head-to-Head Playoff tie breaker rule: For the PLAYOFFS ONLY, each team has to designate a non-starter as their tie-breaker player for that game.  If and only if there's a tie between the two teams' starters, the tie breaker player with the higher point total wins the game for his team.  If there is a tie between the tie-breaker players, the winning team will be the team with the higher efficiency rating among starters (% efficiency).   

Party Fund

  • All fines and transaction charges will be put into the BAFL party fund.
  • All losers will pay the league office, and all winners will be paid by the league office.
  • Money from the total points system is derived as losers pay all losses and winners getting 85% of all winnings, with the party fund getting the difference.
  • Each team will be assessed a "goat" tax, which is defined to be the number of point scored in a season by a team subtracted from the number of points that team could have scored had they been perfectly played. Each such goat point will be assessed 3 cents towards the party fund.
  • After the conclusion of the NFL season, BAFL owners may choose to participate in a playoff league.  Cost for those participating is $10/team.  Winner takes all.  Those wanting to participate must notify the Commissioner by the Friday before the Wild Card playoff round.  Each week of the NFL playoffs, a standard lineup of 1-QB/2-RB/3-WR/1-K/1-D will be used.  Commissioner will track performance of all rostered players and in the case of teams with more than the allowable number of players at a position, only the scores of the top performers will be used.  The winner of the playoff league will be the team with the most total points after the conclusion of the Super Bowl.  The winner will have the option of "cashing out" or applying the winnings towards the following season's entry fee.



o       Elected by a majority of TEAMS present for a quorum.  The Commissioner has final say in all League matters.  However in the event of a dispute in which the Commissioner has a material interest, the Commissioner will recuse him/herself and turn judgmental authority in the matter over to the Vice Commissioner.

        Vice Commissioner

o       Elected by a majority of TEAMS present for a quorum.  The Vice Commissioner will assume all duties of Commissioner whenever Commissioner is unable to fulfill those duties, or whenever Commissioner turns the authority over to the Vice Commissioner, by notice to the entire League.  Should a dispute occur in which both the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner have a material interest, judgmental authority in the matter will be delegated to the Treasurer.


o       Elected by a majority of TEAMS present for a quorum.  Treasurer will handle all League funds, collect all monies due to the League, and account for prize monies and distribute same.  Treasurer will act as Commissioner in cases of disputes involving both the elected Commissioner and Vice Commissioner, or in the event of authority of office being turned over by both Commissioner and Vice Commissioner by notice of the entire league.

        Special Consideration

o       Should all three League officers be involved with material interest in a dispute, the Commissioner will appoint an uninvolved League member to act as final judgmental authority in the matter.