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Circle of Seven Productions did Winged Darkness's video book trailer,(google title then click on any of the video sites.You can also see it and more of COS's great video promo work at cos productions.com. Winged Darkness's book trailer was nominated for Best Fantasy Romance in the Professional Division of the 2007 Cameo Awards. Yea! COS Productions. Even though, we didn't win, COS Productions won for another author. Yea! You guys are the best!

Several reviews have been posted on the web under Winged Darkness.Thanks sooo much, guys.(And for Winged Victory, too.) joyfullyreviewed.com is a great site to visit

Patricia Lazarus did the cover art for all my books as well as for several others at ImaJinn Books. Isn't she awesome!? I've had the word from BelleBooks that new covers will be issued soon so I'm excited to see what is planned but I will miss Pat.



Also, readers might like to check out The Romance Studio for my site as well as other great romance authors. Happy reading!!


Here's a link to my site at My Space.