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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbye to Summer....
Summer is over. It went by so fast! I was blessed with the opportunity to travel for six weeks this summer and enjoy some spectacular sights in Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Check out my Places and Things pages to see some of the wonderful places I was able to visit like Snoqualmie Falls, Crater Lake, Lava Beds National Monument and the Southern Puget Sound area....
Fall is here! The beaches are clearing out leaving some wonderful empty beach backgrounds for a family portrait. In the local parks, the lush greens are giving way to lovely golds and spots of Fall color! It's a great time to start thinking about this year's family photo for your Holiday cards! If I can fill a photo need for you, please don't hesitate to contact me!
Have a fabulous Fall....
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

June is just around the corner....
Where has the year gone? Summer is almost here! Time to think about all of those end of the year activities.... Don't forget prom and graduation! Now is the time to start thinking about alternatives to those boring school photos! How about a group Senior portrait session or getting a little more use out of that prom dress with a fun photo session?
April showers were kind to us and the great weather made for a few awesome photo opportunities! Check out the People, Places and Things pages for new photos of some adorable kids and fabulous flowers....
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I was the kid in school that always carted around a camera... I never took a photography class but I love to capture moments. For my 15th birthday, my dad bought me my first 35mm camera with a zoom lens and I fell in love. Still have that camera to this day! I transitioned to digital over 10 years ago. Once I experienced the instant gratification of seeing the image I had captured immediately, I never turned back. After receiving positive feedback on personal images displayed as art, I took the leap and submitted some photographs for public display. I am very proud to have had my work displayed for several years at the Orange County fair and was even more thrilled to sell a few photos. I'm still a bit amazed that someone would want to hang my photos in their home or office. My work has also been on display at the Huntington Beach Art Center's Centered on Photography exhibit.


Currently, I work as a semi-professional portrait photographer in Orange County. I am available to take portraits mornings and afternoons when natural lighting is at it's best. If you are interested in scheduling a photo session, please feel free to contact me. References are available on request.

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