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DanDee Lyon Boxers is a home based kennel.

We are working to bring the working ability of the Boxer back into the forefront. We don't bred often. We breed for a purpose. While we are always looking to improve we are also breeding for Temperament and longevity. One of the reasons for not breeding often is it takes us some time to get a bitch to the age we will breed her. Here is why:

My father was raised on a farm and had a farmer's way of looking at breeding. Farmers tend to be very practical. With that in mind, my father felt that if the life expectancy in Boxers was eight to ten years, then you want to breed when your oldest stock is getting ready to die. This means you breed your bitch for the first time when she is 5 years young! At the age of five her mother is ten and should be getting ready to die. This replaces your stock without over-burdening your resources. But since we have always bred for temperament and longevity, my father had another reason – also deeply rooted in farming – for waiting to breed. With all the adult onset diseases Boxers have, by the age of five you generally have a very good idea if your bitch is healthy. And if she is healthy she should be a good candidate for breeding. Now remember this was long before we had all the tests available to us today! My father’s ‘idea’ was to let nature weed out the weaker members of the breed. He also believed that even if you didn’t show, you bred to the standard. I showed horses for many years so I did not show dogs, but we still bred to the Boxer standard.



We also believe that a puppy should not be skinny - not fat either. But they need to have enough meat on their bones to allow for growth.  Since we know that when the body goes into starvation mode it begins to break down the muscle to get the fuel it needs.  What is the heart - a muscle!  Why give the body an excuse to play with this most important muscle.

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