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Welcome to DanDee Lyon Boxers.

Like the dandelion, DanDee Lyon Boxers have deep roots. In the 50’s my father brought our first Boxer home. She was a retired Police dog. Her partner had to retire her because of the neighbor kids who kept throwing sticks and stones at her. She began to break cow chains to go after them. ‘Dutchess’ loved my father with all her being and her world became him. She graced our family with a daughter named Sparkle. Sparkle was every inch the character. And my love of Boxers was cemented!

The Birth of DanDee Lyon Boxers

In 1970, my pup was outside. This is a time when leash laws were not in existence. My brother, had no idea my Dutchess was out and he put his boy out. Like Boxers do they began to play and run and romp. They decided to take a romp in the woods. The problem, the woods were across the street and it was a very busy road. I leaned out the door to call her and I heard the crash when she was hit. I can still hear that crash. My brother’s dog was fine. I was devastated and even missed a couple days of school. By the summer I’d decided I wanted to get a pup again. My parents helped me find my new Dutchess ‘The Dutchess Von DanDee Lyon.

Dutchess’ parents were named the "Willows DanDee Lyon" call name 'Dan' and the "Baroness Von Sneakers". I was told the people who owned Dan were named Willows. They lived in a DanDee housing project and they lived on Lyon Court. At the time I was doing Readers Theatre and we were doing "Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradberry. In 1970 – this was too much of a coincidence – so I took DanDee Lyon as my Kennel Name – a great idea then – but this kennel name is 11 letters so naming dogs can be interesting!

Pictured above is 'Missy', "Misty DanDee Lyon". She always wanted to be the center of the world – until her babies were born. She then stepped back and watched from the sidelines as her babies stole our hearts and the spotlight. She would sit in her Daddy’s lap and smile as she watched her kids. She was the loving protective mom, always. As you can see 'Missy' is everything old. She was a real old style working Boxer. As hard as it is to believe she was 3 generations back – her grand children now run around our home!

'Missy’s' daughter 'Hailey'  "AKC/UKC Champion Hail Storms of DanDee Lyons" is a dog I still can’t believe I bred. She is beautiful, built correctly, can move by reaching and driving as our standard says and she is funny, loving and a wonderful Mom!

Missy has two other kids who are UKC champions they are:  "Ch. Spiders N DanDee Lyons"  'Spider' and "Ch. A Little Bit of DanDee Lyon". 'Little Bit'. Her other daughter who lives with us is 'Squeaky', "Squeaky Time DanDee Lyon." She needs one more competitive win to be a UKC champion.

Hailey’s, kids are: "Nicole’s DanDee Lyon Victory’"  'Nicki' and her brother is "DanDee Lyons Jacquet Narrator"  'Leo'. Both pointed out of the Bred-by Exhibitor class. They are just beginning their show careers.

Hailey Finishing her AKC Championship

We breed infrequently just enough to make sure we have another member of our wonderful family of dogs. My father taught us to breed to the standard and to breed for temperament and longevity. Every thing else is a bonus. And Oh My, the bonuses!

Missy's Kids

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