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So many roads, so little time
Carrollton, Texas

Tunnel to Real Catorce


Current ride:   2002 R1150R
Windshield, Throttle lock, Heated grips, luggage rack,
Lowered pegs, Running lights, Led brake light, Poweroutlet
BMW saddle bags

2012 328i coupe w/ M handling package

for when you just don't feel like riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle trips:
BMW Motorcycle ride to the Las Vegas Guggenheim 9/28-30, 2001.
Texas Hill Country - At least two trips per year to the hill country.
Wild flower ride in Fredericksburg, TX 4/2001
Arkansas and Missouri - At least two trips each year into this great riding area. The Missouri  State Rally in June is a great visit with riders from that area. Great roads. The Lone Star BMW Rider's club trips into Ark is also a don't miss affair.
Moab, UT       - 6/2001 on the KLR.
Burkesville, KY - 5/2001 The Eurpoeans  Riders Rally
Deals Gap Visit the Dragon 
Assorted Rallys: IBMWR Blitz to Branson, Georgia Mountian, Missouri State Rally, Houston Club's
Gathering of Friends, Dogwood Trail, Rider, Big Red Beaver Bend, Texas 300.
BMWRA National Rally
         1997 - Fontana, NC (Fontana Cops rally)
         2002 - Red River, NM
         2003 - Birmingham, AL
         2005 - Shelbyville, TN
BMWMOA National Rally
          2007 - West Bend, WI
         2003 - Charleston, WV and to Appomattox, VA (where General Lee surrendered)
         2001 - Redmond, OR and around Puget Sound and the Cascades
         2000 - Midland, MI and around lake Superior into Canada
         1999 - Rhinebeck, NY and on to Ottawa, Canada
         1998 - Missoula, MT and on to Glacier Natl Park
         1997 - Fredericksburg, TX
         1996 - Morganton, NC
         1995 - Durango, CO
         1994 - Moodus, CT

Central Mexico again                      4/07  Saltillo, Real Catorce, Zacatecas, Parral, Creel

Edelweiss Tour - New Zealand Oct 23 - Nov 7, 2004 The best trip yet.
Mexico - Mazatlan Bike Rally         4/2004  Hermosillo,  Mazatlan, Durango, Parral.
Coastal & Colonial Mexico        2/03 Valles, Tuxpan, Veracruz, San Miquel, Real Catorce
Northern Mexico                           3/02 Saltillo, Zacatecas, Parral, Creel.
Savanna, Ga.                                    5/01 after Geo Mt Rally, toured the area for a week.

Nova Scota                                     9/00 Cape Breton and The Cabot Trail.
Thunder Bay, Canada -                  7/00 rode around Lake Superior on return from BMWMOA Rally.
Zion Natl Park, Brice Canyon N P 5/00, again in 9/04
Key West & Daytona, FL                3/99 - Daytona Speed week in 95, 97, 98, 99.

Copper Canyon Mexico             4/99 Rosen Rides tour
California Hwy One                        5/99 Santa Barbara to Astoria, OR

Baja Mexico                                    12/99 Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas
Edelweiss Tour                               8/97 Edinburgh, Scotland to Munich, Germany.
Edelweiss Tour - Alps                    5/95 Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzlerland

I have ridden all 48 contiguous states in the USA and the following foreign countries: Canada, Mexico (including Baja).

The following on rented bikes, Scotland, Wales, England, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzlerland, New Zealand (North & South Islands).


We all ride our highways mile after mile
And sometimes find someone to ride along for a while
It's the journey that matters, not why, when or where
But the roar of the engine and the wind in your hair

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