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México 2000 Folklórico Dance School has a special program in which students of all ages and dance levels can learn ballet folklórico (Mexican traditional dances) from the basic steps to the most complex combinations and dances. 


Alex Palencia principal intructor of the groups and companies had developed his own dance technique. The "Palencia" technique is proven to be vey succesful, "Mr. Alex" -called by his students- have tought "how to dance" to more than 500 students in the past 20 years of teaching experience.

 The requirements to join M2K is very simple:
To have the desire to learn; nothing matters: your age, background or previous or non experience, Mr. Alex and Mrs. Mary will guide you and help you to develop your talents in the art of the Mexican Traditional Dance (Ballet Folklórico).

Areas of Concentration:

* Footwork Technique
* Stage Presence
* Skirt Movement
* Dance background
Just to mention a few...


Dance Levels:

* Green (Beginners 1)- Students learn the elementals on body coordination and basic foot-work (dance steps) and movements (a,b,c...).

* Blue (Beginners 2)- Students start creating foot-work combinations and are challenge with more dificult steps and dances.

* Grey (Intermediate 1)- Students will start applying and use most of the time their body positions while they learn medium level fot-work combinations along with basic skirt movements.

* Yellow (Intermediate 2)- Students that apply and use all  the time their body positions while start dancing complex footwork combinations and dances from different regions of Mexico along with medium level skirt movements.

* Red (Advance 1)- Dancers that can combine complex footwork combinations and movements along with skirt and body positions.

* Black (Advance 2)- Usually for dancers above 15 years old that can dance without mayor difficulty all the dance styles and regions from Mexico.
* Black (Advance 3)- Dancers above 15 years old that can dance without difficulty all the dance styles and regions from Mexico and that can  also teach the dance steps and movements and dances and regions background in deep.
* Black (Master)- Advance 3 level dancers with more than 10 years of teaching experience.

Children awating to perform!

We are dedicated to teaching a child as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are an open and friendly setting that allow students to develop their talents. 

"Serving the Dallas Fort Woth area since 1999"