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2007 Competition Awards


Dance Classes Mission Statement: To develop appreciation and pride in the Hispanic art form of Folkloric Dance through a structured curriculum. To teach students, dance techniques associated with selected regional dances and their history and origin. Folkloric dance students will learn, at their own level, dance techniques from different regions in Mexico and will include; Footwork, Skirt Work, Stage Presence, Costume Coordination, Dance Origins and History.  In addition, students will learn to serve as ambassadors of "Mexican Culture" in their respective communities by creating awareness through participation in community and school events. Dance sessions will be conducted to re-affirm family values, strengthening discipline, building self-esteem, promoting teamwork and encouraging self-expression through the arts.

Beginners 2 Group in Yucatan Costumes

Intermediate Group Zacatecas Costumes

Dance Performances Mission Statement: To provide excellent dance performances to audiences of all ages, while preserving and promoting the traditions and history of Mexican Culture. During our interactive shows, students will learn important history facts about different holidays and enjoy of beautiful Mexican traditional dances, costumes and music, while connecting to school curriculum in the Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts and Music areas.

Beginners 1 Class in Jalisco Dresses