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Welcome to our web site!

METRO ROLLERS INC. is made up of a cross-section of professional, informed and concerned members of the community. The METRO ROLLERS SKATE CLUB, based in Seabrook MD is one of the fastest growing skating clubs in the state of Maryland. We now have over 80 members of all ages. We currently have members joining from nearby Washington , D.C. and Virginia.

For membership information, stop by Lanham Skating Center (Now under New Management!!) during the 1 PM to 5 PM session on Sundays, Mondays during the 7 PM to 11 PM session or Tuesdays during the 7 PM to 10 PM session. Our members also skate during the Monday and Wednesday night adult sessions as well as the Thursday night gospel session, and the Saturday morning 10 til 12 session, come out and join us.

You can also email us at: metrorollers@verizon.net                      


Also Check out what happening at ROBDEDOB http://www.robdedob.com/home.htm

New DJ pumping it up Wednesday Nights at Lanham Skating Center (Formally Seabrook). Last week was HOT!!!!! Check it out this week..........

What the Metro Rollers been up to this summer?