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This website is devoted to the Oasis Emergency Amateur Radio Team.

Mission Statement


The Oasis Emergency Radio Team serves the Oasis Community by providing the equipment and FCC licensed amateur radio operators to serve the Oasis Community in the event of an emergency or disaster.


The team will work in conjunction with the various emergency response teams as part of the Oasis Emergency Preparedness Committee and in the event of a drill or emergency will report to the incident commander.  


The team will provide training for its licensed members in emergency communication procedures and will train new members to achieve FCC licensing.


The team will prepare commucation plans, participate in drills, training exercises, including a weekly communication amateur radio net, as well as procuring and maintaining all necessary communication equipment including back up electrical power.


Please click here to provide comments or questions to: Jim Ramsdell; Team Leader/Webmaster

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Click here for Video of EPAC's Earthquake Drill - Oct 17th, 2013 - (Filmed & Directed by Eric Cardella of "Film By Me" Productions)