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USS Ling (SS297) Balao Class Submarine


Built in Philadelphia, the USS Ling, a Balao class submarine, was launched August 15, 1943 and was moved to the Boston Navy Yard for completion and testing.  The Ling was commissioned on June 8, 1945 and ordered to the Pacific.  Enroute, the USS LING (SS-297) patrolled the east coast of the U.S.  When she reached the Panama Canal the war ended and she was sent back to Boston, cleaned, overhauled and put into storage.

In 1960 the Ling was converted to a "school" boat and sent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where she served as a training ship for the Naval Reserve until December 1971 when she was struck from the Navy.

Congress transferred control of Ling to the Submarine Memorial Association on June 18,1972 and she was anchored in Hackensack on January 13,1973, to "perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country". Volunteers, organizations and corporations contributed time, money, and services to restore the Ling. She has been polished for public tours and outfitted with authentic gear that recreates the era of the World War II battle submarine.

Kaiten Type II Miniature Japanese Submarine


The Kaiten Type II was a 2-person submarine designed for suicide missions against United States Navy ships.  It would be carried to its mission by either a larger submarine, or by a surface warcraft.  With a top-speed of 40 knots submerged, a range of over 12 miles, and carrying almost 2 tons of explosives, the Kaiten was a formidable weapon.  Approximately 700 were built, but only 50 were used.

Seahund Miniature German Submarine


This 2-man German submarine was built near the end of World War II to provide coastal defense.  The submarine carried a torpedo on each side for use against enemy warships.  Although over 1200 of these were ordered, only 67 were ever built and, it appears that, only two (this one and one other) remain in existence.

USS Halfbeak Sail Fragment


The USS Halfbeak (SS352) was a sister-ship to the USS Ling and one of the last of the Balao Class to be built.  She was commissioned in 1946, after the conclusion of World War II, and served until 1971. 

PBR Mark II River Patrol Boat


The River Boats were used by the Navy to control the flow of supplies and troops on the rivers and shallow waterways in VietNam.  These boats were manned by volunteers and heavily armed with 50 cal machine guns, a grenade launcher, and small arms.  They suffered the highest naval casualty rates and were the most decorated naval units during the war.

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