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Welcome to our site! 
We need Your support to keep the World War II submarine, USS Ling, in Hackensack, N.J. 
Please enjoy the site, then download, sign and submit the Petition to
Save The Ling!

Since 1973 The Submarine Memorial Association, a non-profit organization, has operated the NJ Naval Museum and the USS LING as a permanent memorial to the men who served and died in the submarine service.  It also serves as a tribute to the Garden State’s long and distinguished Naval heritage.


The museum offers visitors the opportunity to view rare historic equipment and artifacts, photographs and other memorabilia.  It also includes a shrine to the 3,505 men who made the supreme sacrifice in the defense of their country in World War II.  The museum has served as an educational facility for many schools, Scout troops and other organizations who appreciate and support the mission of this organization to preserve this piece of history. 


Recently the North Jersey Media Group, which owns the land we currently occupy, has asked the museum to leave so that they may sell or develop the property.  Closing the museum would be a tremendous loss for the residents of New Jersey and the hundreds of people throughout the Tri-state area who visit every year. 




Please help us preserve this historical site.  Make your voice heard by signing the accompanying petition which will be sent to the appropriate Federal, State, County and local officials.


The New Jersey Naval Museum and it's star attraction, the USS Ling (SS297), is an interactive Memorial to the Veterans of all branches of the United States armed forces who fought for, and died for, our Liberty and Freedom.

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