This "Irish" recipe for a great single dish meal. I say "Irish" since that's what family lore labels this dish (passed through my maternal grandmother and supposedly had lineage originating in Ireland). This spaghetti/hamburger meat/onion dish is sorta' like a stew, but it isn't. After doing a little research (through the web), it seems a concensus of opinion seems to lead one to believe the recipe originated in the California gold rush. Another source claims it invented by Lyndon Johnson (even though he was Texas, my "source" for this recipe predates Mr. Johnson ... so we'll discount this one).

So, I'll just merrily continue to believe my family lore and assume the dish is at least based on an Irish recipe.


2servingsspaghetti (equivalent to a small box).
1largewhite onions, chopped.
2stalksfresh celery, diced
1large cantomatoes
1-green (or Bell) pepper, diced
1clovefresh garlic, minced
1tspground black pepper

note: I think her original recipe actually used the small size elbow macroni. We use thin spaghetti now.


Scramble fry the hamburger, salt and pepper at a medium high temperature in a large (cast iron) skillet. Turning frequently to prevent charring. While this is cooking, start the spaghetti

When meat is done, stir in the bell pepper, onion, and celery. Stir until tender.

Reduce heat to medium, add tomatoes, stir until bubbling.

Drain and add the spaghetti. Turn the heat off.

Let stand for about 10 minutes for tastes to blend. Serve.

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