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Welcome to my web site!

Artificial Christmas trees are a great convenience for many people. They are popular, but getting them ready to decorate can be time consuming - especially when things go wrong!

I'm the "go-to guy" for fixing your lighted holiday decorations.

Click this link to find out about my outdoor furniture and umbrella repair services:

I give artificial Christmas tree branches the full, lush look and feel you find in awesome displays made to impress and please the public. There's more to shaping an artificial Christmas tree to look beautiful than first meets the eye. Setting up an artificial Christmas tree may not seem difficult, but with our busy schedules, and the everyday pressures on our lives, it can make sense to hire someone to do it instead. This turns out to be especially true if a branch is broken or the lights don't work!

I have six years experience setting up and repairing artificial Christmas trees for the Christmas Showplace department at Zender's. I can't tell you how many trees  and lighted decorations I set up over all, however, I can tell you that there were all kinds:
  • Halloween trees
  • Fall trees
  • Large Christmas trees and small ones
  • Trees with twisted PVC needles
  • Trees with molded PE twigs and needles
  • Lighted garlands, wreaths and topiaries
I get reluctant lights to work again - even on sets Zender's didn't sell! My special professional light test box quickly finds broken and missing light bulbs. I fix all kinds of lighting problems from burned out bulbs to cut wires.*
I earned a reputation with staff and customer alike for my creative and durable solutions for fixing tree problems no one else could figure out. I'm the person to call to get your tree ready to decorate and to keep the lights going all season long.
From taking your tree out of its carton to putting it back again, I am ready to help you.
I prefer to make house calls. If you live in Our Service Area, please don't hesitate to contact me to make an appointment right away.
* Certain programmed and LED light sets cannot be repaired.

I have mini light bulb replacements.

Cards with 5 clear bulbs and packs of 20 clear bulbs or 20 multi-color bulbs are available.

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