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     I f you have been carrying  a song around inside your mind. (Perhaps for years!) And can sing (Even just a little.) And maybe play a little Guitar or piano,That's all  I need in order to help you get  your music protected by Copyright,Prepare a demo recording and guide you through the process of approaching publishing firms.

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   For those who can remember when melodies were memorable and  lyics made sense.

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     High Quality Digital Recording
All you need to provide is the song that you have been carrying around inside, perhaps for years, and the lyrics ( if you have written them ).
I have provided this service to many songwriters who have kept their talent locked inside for many years.
If you can play the guitar or piano, just send me a simple tape or CD. You needn't be a great singer ( many great songwriters were not ), and I'll do the rest. Your songs will be Copyrighted ( I will instruct you  in the process ) and I will provide contracted protection for your work.

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