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Valrico, Florida, weather forecast

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Click links below to access very cool & interesting weather related sites

National Data Buoy Center, World wide real time buoy data, (VERY COOL SITE)

National Hurricane Center ( Real good, or Real bad news)

NWS Tampa Bay, Florida ( The Local Gov)

NWS Climate History for Tampa Bay, Florida ( Local Gov History)

Latest Lightning data from StrikeStar ( All the flash)

APRS Florida Lightning data ( If you like the local flash)

The Weather Underground (Very cool site for local weather)

History data from this station ( Only if you really like weather stuff)

Weather Station Equipment and Software (Best prices)

Wunderground: KFLVALRI1
Weatherforyou: KFLVALRI1
CWOP: CW1912
StrikeStar:  VAL
Area: Bloomingdale
City/County: Valrico/Hillsborough
State: Florida
Country: U.S.A.


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Station Owner/Website Manager: Terry Ward

This site is dedicated to providing local and regional weather and lightning information for Valrico, Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County, and West Central Florida. Data on this site is free for general public use, as long as any and all electronic data derived from this site or generated by this site, is not used for profit, monitary gain, or advertising purposes without written permission from the Station owner/ Site manager at tward77@verizon.net.  Data from this site should not be used for emergency situations.

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