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Dr. Jeremy Gaies, Psy.D., is a Licensed Psychologist, a Certified Family Mediator, and a Parenting Coordinator.

He received his Bachelors Degree (in Psychology) from Brown University in 1983 and his Doctor of Psychology degree (in Clinical Psychology) from Rutgers University in 1988. He has been licensed and practicing as a psychologist in Florida since 1990.

Dr. Gaies specializes in the area of marriage and divorce. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Gaies conducts marital, separation and divorce counseling with individuals, couples and their children. Dr. Gaies is also Florida Supreme Court certified as a Family Mediator, helping couples establish agreements relevant to the dissolution of their marriage. In a separate role as a court-appointed Parenting Coordinator, Dr. Gaies meets with co-parents to help them resolve disputes and work together more effectively for the benefit of their children.

Dr. Gaies also provides general psychotherapy services. He works with children, teenagers and adults in individual, couples and family treatment. His areas of expertise include the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, addictive behavior, ADHD and behavior disorders, stress-related problems, and issues related to sexuality. Dr. Gaies also has significant experience in helping people cope with grief, loss and disability.

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