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Welcome to the official Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC web site!

"Delivering Universal Access to the bathing world"
A safe transfer bath experience without need of benches and component seats.


Do you or someone you know have a disability?  Are you or they unable to walk? Tired of being insulted by companies who only sell a walk-in tub but still call it handicap accessible, universal design, or universal accessible?  Tired of the arm twisting to get you to buy something you know isn't what you really need?  Are you looking for a bath system that meets or exceeds your needs; not something that someone else says is right for you?  Do you want a bath system that provides interior bath space as close to a 30"x60" tub as possible? Are you looking for a bath system that accomodates you?
You just found the answer to YOUR NEEDS right here at Accessible Bath Technologies on-line!

100% Acrylic Basin and door - No gel-coat here!

MyControl Bathing System represents a revolutionary advancement in bathing and Assistive Technology (AT). High tech features and benefits, never seen in the bathing industry before, make operation easy for most individuals.  MyControl is truly tailored for use by people with disabilities, is sensitive to the needs of caregivers, yet universally accessible in design so it can be used by just about every individual in a commercial and residential household environment.

MyControl’s technology has opened up new possibilities for people with disabilities and for seniors who have mobility concerns. By using MyControl, people with a wide range of physical disabilities or mobility concerns can become more self-sufficient in their daily hygiene care, a very personal aspect of their lives. Of the numerous benefits that this inventive bathing system offers its user, a favorate is the dignity and independence it returns to people who might not otherwise be able to bathe independently or remain in their home.

MyControl Universal design bathing systems improve safety for all home occupants and improve livability by accommodating people of most ages, size, and a wide range of abilities.  MyControl Bathing System is both walk-in and accessible from a seated position.  MyControl features the first and only door that pivots around legs and feet.  The patented and trademarked bi-fold hinge system and doorway design allows for easy, more flexible and safer transfer in and out of the bathing system.  The doorway spans 83% of the spacious 30"x60" over-all bath system dimension.  The bathing system can be installed in most existing bathing areas and into many restricted space bathing environments.




While MyControl may be used to enhance the quality of life for persons requiring assistance due in part to physical concerns, it can be enjoyed by other individuals.  Health and fitness individuals and related industries will find MyControl just what the body and mind needs.

MyControl’s design reduces the strain and stress associated with transfer and repositioning activites for both the caregiver and the bather.  The doorway design of MyControl provides for direct wheelchair seat-level transfer.  The hands-free voice control and dual touch key pad panels replace traditional faucets, water control knobs, and levers usually found on bath systems as a norm.  The bath system door latches and unlatches without the need of manual levers.  The less devices and controls touched reduces both cleaning time and the occurrence of solid waste and germ transfer, promoting a cleaner and healthier bath area environment.  Voice activation of bath system functions literally give a caregiver that set of extra hands.

"No water faucets, knobs or manual door latching levers to push, pull, turn, or hit your body on"


Unlike many tubs on the market today that make claims to be handicap or Universally accessible or perfect for use by persons with a physical disability or mobility concerns, MyControl Bathing System truely is.  It is both walk-in and accessible from a seated postion.
More doorway space means easier more flexible entry and exiting.
MyControl features the world's first and only door that pivots around legs and feet.  MyControl's bi-fold hinge and doorway design allows for easy, more flexible, and safer transfer in and out of the bathing system.  MyControl's doorway spans 83% of the spacious 30" x 60" over-all tub dimension.  The bathing system's universal design allows for installation into restricted space bathrooms.
MyControl features Touch Assist, an ABT exclusive dual touch key pad feature, requiring little force to operate the bathing system’s functions.
MyControl is fully equipped with ABT's VoiceMate, offering greater than 99% voice and sound recognition accuracy.  Yes, you can enjoy MyControl and its many features simple by talking to it!
MyControl incorporates many exciting, impressive, extemely user-friendly, automated and mechanical benefits never before seen in the bathing industry or anywhere else.  We invite you to veiw all the pages here at the official web site of MyControl Bathing System.  You'll see why so many truely believe that MyControl is the most advanced yet easy to use bathing system on planet earth. 

The World's First And Only Bathing System
With A Bi-Fold, Swing-In Door

In today’s Market Place it is easy to see how many people can, and do, get confused when told about a whirl pool or bath tub labeled handicap accessible and having a door.

Our design is the first of its kind.  We at Accesible Bath Technologies, Inc. pride ourselves on the quality product we manufacture and market. It is almost in every way a bathing system that is truly tailored for use by persons with a physical disability, yet is universal for use by just about every individual in a house-hold.

Unfortunately in today’s world it is very easy for individuals and companies to duplicate products, sell them, make some money and vanish just as quickly. Our designers and staff have been associated with our product and industry for over 25 years. Every design feature and component of MyControl is proprietary and custom manufactured right here in the USA. If you see any MyControl function or a like design on any other bathing system, you can rest assured the product is a fake or knock-off. We encourage you to let us know.

The MyControl Bathing System has been proven efficient by time and use.

Our web site details our product and aspects of design and operation.  We invite you to stay and visit all the web pages. When you are finished, you will see why MyControl Bathing system is still the only bathing system on the market that is truly designed and appropriate for use by persons with a physical disability.  MyControl is equally suitable for those who simply seek a relaxing and care-free bath and whirlpool experience.

MyControl’s sleek well designed curves provide a spectacular and bold appearance



Craig D. La Londe honored with NCIL "Soldier For Justice Award" at the NCIL Annual Conference in D.C. on July 26, 2013.

Amazing new design and features are arriving soon!
  • New hinge design
  • Larger touch screens in braille
  • Touch screen blue back lighting
  • Touch screen user LED feedback
  • Remote door open touch pad located outside basin door for easier entry... plus many more features.

Welcome to Accessible Bath Technologies on-line
The Official Web Site of MyControl Bathing System
MyControl, providing the "doorway" to bathing independence.

ABT thanks all of the brave men and woman of our military, past and present, for their dedication and servce to our great Nation.


Accessible Bath Technologies is an official member of
R.E.S.N.A -Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America


"Putting Country First"
100% Manufactured with pride in the USA

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MYCONTROL, providing the "doorway" to bathing independence.
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