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micronAU 1.0

micronAU is an audio unit that allows one to fully control and automate the Alesis Micron synthesizer. As anyone who owns one of these synths knows, it can generate some wicked sounds but it can be a real pain to program via its single knob. This audio unit provides an interface through which the entire sound generation engine of the Mircon can be controlled in real time. In addition, all parameter settings are saved when the track/DAW hosting micronAU is saved. When one reloads a track hosting mirconAU, the settings are restored, thus avoiding the "what patch did I use for this track" syndrome. Furthermore, if one's DAW supports automation of plugin parameters, all of the Micron's parameters can be automated and controlled by any of the DAW's supported control surfaces.

micronAU is being distributed as donationware. If you like what you see, please consider donating via Paypal:

mirconAU is the result of a fair bit of time, energy, effort and angst and a small token of your appreciation would be greatly appreciated! Plus, contributors will be first in line when fielding bug reports and feature requests.

The plugin can be downloaded here: micronAU.

To wet your appetite, here is a small screeshot of micronAU in action:

A larger version can be had by clicking here.

midiO version 1.3

Download midiO, an Audio Unit plugin for DAWs such as GarageBand that don't support MIDI output. This plugin allows one to drive a MIDI based synthesizer from any DAW that supports software instrument Audio Units.

Version 1.3, posted on 9/20/06: Passes AU validation under 10.6. Can generate program and bank change messages.

As always, comments, bug reports, feature requests etc. will be happily fielded at