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Some Contradance Music

Listen to a few samples of contradance music

Click on the following names of tunes to download short (about minute) samples of music that you might hear at a contradance.  The files are in MP3 format.


Saut de Lapin

Sheehan's Reel

Murdo McKenzie's Jig


  • Saut de Lapin is a French-Canadian reel played by David Kaynor (fiddle), Susan Conger (fiddle), and Susie Secco (piano), who are "Three Good Reasons," on their "Montague Processional" CD.
  • Sheehan's Reel is an Irish tune played by George Wilson (fiddle) and Peter Davis (piano), on George's "Northern Melodies" album (CD or tape available from George Wilson, 10 Loomis Rd., Wynantskill, NY 12198).
  • Murdo McKenzie's Jig is a Scottish tune played by Jane Rothfield (fiddle), Allan Carr (guitar), and Sarah Bauhan (whistle), from their "Northern Lights of Aberdeen" recording on the Sampler Records label.


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