Reefers: PFE, REA & RR Express HeadEnd, 6464

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Household for Sale: KitchenAidCompactor DrexelBedRoomSet Brass King Bed, Diving, Falcon Bike, Electronics
NAVY: Operations Analysis & Research, OAR: C4ISR Resume
SOLOX: an Art Salon of Washington DC
SOLOX: Mahaffey White, Artist, 1911-2012
SOLOX: Richard Thornton White FAGO 1914-2009
TRAINS: Help Wanted Club Layout
Accessories: Auto/Truck Carriers, Flats, Trucks; Buildings; Paper
Boxcars: 6464, Standard O, Express
Boxcars, Stockcars, Reefers; 6464 MTH 50'
C&O, D&LW, NH, Reading
CNJ Trainmaster-EVCaboose, C&NW K-Line 15inch Streamliner
Complete LIST by MFG, Model Nbr
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D&RG KLine HW 6pac, JLC Challenger, WP GS-64
Diesels-Electrics: NYC F3, E8, PRR Sharks, UP Dash/H-16-44, Geep, Scale GG1, MR EPs
Erie, Frisco, Rock Island
Great Northern, NP, Canadian: CN CP
HOPPERs, KLine DieCast, Ore, Tank
KLine sell; WANT B Units: B&O C&NW
Lionel Century Club TWO, Lionel Corp Collectables, LCC Hudson, Turbine, All Boxcars
Lionel: Fallen Flags, FARR
Locomotive SPECIALS Steam
Logging WM Skeleton, Hillcrest Climax
MIKADOs Frisco/Santa Fe
Milwaukee Road BiPolar Atlantic, W&LE 2-6-6-2 Mallet
Motorized Units
MoW Custom Jordon Spreader, SnowPlows Cranes; 3rdRail BRASS
N&W SALE: Lionel & MTH ClassA, Classic J; Scale J, Virginian 2-8-8-2
MTH Premier Locos Cars
NYC: Grey Hudson-HWs, F3, Mohawk, ESE
NYC Smithsonian Dreyfuss 2R; 20th Century Ltd; PRR Smithsonian K4 2R
Paper OGR CTT MR RMC LCCA TCA TTOS Lionel MTH K-Line Weaver Catalogs
Passenger Sets: LIONEL Madisons; NYC 20th Cent Ltd
Passenger Sets: K-Line, MTH, Williams
Pennsylvania PRR Loco's Cars
Reefers: PFE, REA, HeadEnd, 6464
Santa Fe: 14539 F3 B, Mikado, AutoTransports, KL Scale Reefer 4pac
Set SPECIALs: Lionel
Southern Railway F3 ABBBA
SP SALE: Southern Pacific GS2 GS4 CabFwds ExpressCars
Tinplate/Standard Gauge TINPLATE StdGa MTH 10-2005,7 Crane/Boom; RailChief Set Avail
Union Pacific: Custom Jordon Spreader, EV Caboose, AutoTransport, GP9 Diecast Ore Set, 3 Diesels
NAVY: SNARE NORTH OPS USS Richmond K Turner (DLG-20) Barents Sea Winter '75
NAVY: CaptainRix: 22 Ships
Rix Pix
HOLD PAGE not published

17311 REA Standard O Reefer Diecast Sprung Trucks
MINT Never Run ... one of many excellent HEAD END EXPRESS CARS

Railway Express and RR Express HEAD END CARS:

Mfg 3 Model Number All "Mint Factory Sealed" unless noted 2013-06-02 RR Type Side Nbr
K-Line K761-2031 O Scale SP Silver Express (could be same as OCL841) $49  SP Express 163052
K-Line K641-9019IC Black Overnight Merchandise NORCAL Uncatalogued Black $59  SP Express 1999-45
K-Line K761-1753 O Scale Silver HeadEnd (25th Anniversary) $39  NYC Express 
Lionel 17311 17311 REA StdO Reefer Diecast Sprung Trucks Dark Green $49  REA Express 
K-Line K761-1912 O Scale Green Steel-Sided Reefer Fully Sprung Diecast Trucks $54  REA Express REX7203
K-Line K761-1934  O Scale Express Service Boxcar (this is a dup, have another) $49  Reading  Express 
Lionel 52117 Green REA TractorTrailer Black StdO FLAT wSprungTrks UNCATALOGUED LRRC OF StLouis $69  Wabash Express 52117
Weaver EBC51 Express Box Cars in 4 DIFFERENT Road nbrs $59  MR Express 19195
Weaver EBC51 Express Box Cars in 4 DIFFERENT Road nbrs $59  MR Express 19198
Atlas 163052 O Scale Silver "Overnight" Express Really nice $69  SP Express 163052
K-Line K-6438 Classic Express Boxcar $39  Reading  Express 1866
K-Line K761-1931  O Scale Plugged Green wHuge Yellow Banner wGreen Reading $49  Reading  Express

6464 Series III, Archive, Final Set X, 6468 Auto
Series 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7 are all available (1 of each) SEALED
Mfg 3 Model Number All "Mint Factory Sealed" unless noted 2013-06-02 RR
Lionel 19282 SUPER CHIEF Boxcar-196 MINT1st of new era 6464s $24  SF
Lionel 19284 6464-396 Boxcargreen pre merger colors $29  NP
Lionel 29204 LCC1 6464 Commerative Join Bonus VERY RARE "Find Shipper" $499  LL
Lionel 29204 6pac LCC1 6464 BoxCars 29204,226,227,228,248,39201 $999  LL
Lionel 29226 LCC1 6464 Berkshire #1  Boxcar $175  LL
Lionel 29227 LCC1 6464 GG1 Boxcar $65  LL
Lionel 29228 LCC1 6464 Turbine Boxcar $55  LL
Lionel 29248 LCC1 6464 F-3 Boxcar $65  LL
Lionel 39201 LCC1 6464 Hudson Boxcar (Complete Set $999) $70  LL
Lionel 52058 SF Centenial CA Map Super Chief Tuscan 6464-1595 Boxcar TTOS 1995 $49  SF
Lionel 52058 SF Centenial CA Map Super Chief Tuscan 6464-1595 Boxcar TTOS 1995 $59  SF
Lionel 19696 LCC2 6464 Mint Car w/Clear Sides "Savings Bond Load" 1of2 $129  UST
Lionel 39217 LCC2 6464 Join Bonus $69  LL
Lionel 39237 LCC2 M10000 Commemorative 6464 Boxcar #2 $69  UP
Lionel 6464-1996 6464-1996 NMCRR $49  NMC
Lionel 1895 6464-1895 Tuscan Boxcar $43  SF
Lionel 1895 6464-1895 Tuscan Boxcar $43  SF
Lionel 29200 LRRC 6464 Commemorative Boxcar Blue w/Orange Door $39  LC
Lionel 29204 LCC1 6464 Comm Join Bonus VERY RARE "Find Shipper" $499  LL
Lionel 6464-125 6464-125 NYC Pacemaker Very RARE wTCA/NTTM Imprint $149  NMC
Lionel 29226 LCC1 6464 Berkshire #1  Boxcar $175  LL
Lionel 19696 LCC2 6464 Mint Car w/Clear Sides "Savings Bond Load" 2of2 $129  UST
Lionel 39217 LCC2 6464 Join Bonus $69  LL
Lionel 39218 LCC2 6464 Gold Bonus $69  LL
Lionel 39246 LCC2 6464 Sharknose Boxcar #1 $59  PRR

Highly Collectable VERY RARE $469 MINT FactorySeal
19247 6464 3 Boxcar Series Set 1 ... also have other sets:

PFE Jointly operated by Southern Pacific and Union Pacific
Lionel 52154 PFE TTOS-SW Uncataloged Orange $69  PFE Reefer (Ready to Ship)
Lionel 52154 PFE TTOS-SW Uncataloged Orange $69  PFE Reefer (Ready to Ship)
Lionel 17380 Pacific Fruit Express Silver $89 RARE PFE Reefer  SOLD

    * Hidden uncoupling tab
    * Separately applied metal underframe details
    * Opening roof hatches (with props)
    * Opening doors
    * Standard Full O Scale proportions
    * Separately applied detail parts
    * Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
    * Authentic paint schemes
    * Contains unique sequential numbered cars 
    * Length: 11 1/2" each
    * Brand New with original boxes & master carton

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I am a collector/operator (not a re-seller or a dealer), now retired from the US Navy, and a pensioner, so I have time for the trains now; this is my private collection, for which I overbought when I was in Bosnia, Kosovo and Saudi Arabia during 1994-2004, at the end of a very long Naval Career since late 1964 (mostly aboard ship), and most where purchased by Mail Order, often late, so I usually paid MSRP ... I have several locomotives, and car sets,  which are MINT, Factory Sealed, which I can neither display or run in my small home.  All my items have been stored in a humidity and temperature controlled, smoke free environment, mostly in Factory Master Cartons.               Payment Guidance:

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