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NAVY: SNARE NORTH OPS USS Richmond K Turner (DLG-20) Barents Sea Winter '75
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Stunning REISSUE ORIGINAL Scale Hudson wVandy Tdr
Lionel 18056 4-6-4 NYC J1e Hudson VandyTdr wScullens 1099+FEDX

Announcing the return of the Lionel 763E scale Hudson. We are proud to present the New York Central Hudson J1-e and all new die-cast Vanderbilt tender. Both have the quality, realism and hand applied details that you've come to expect from Lionel.

In the 1930's, the Lionel Corporation's 700E Hudson set new standards for realism and performance in a model train. At its side, the railroaders choice, the Lionel 763E. A member of the 700E Hudson family, the 763E boasted top performance and great features while providing true enduring value.

Lionel has resurrected the 763E and her original mission-to combine industry leading performance and detail with the enduring value today's railroaders demand.

Realism-all the 700E's hand-applied detail. There is no better example of the trainbuilding art than the 763E. Performance-the 763E is TrainMaster Command equipped. Run it independent of other locomotives that are on the same track. Its incredible-and it's just the beginning. You'll enjoy the best performance ever built into a model train. Loads of extra features. And all of them standard with TrainMaster Command. Sound-the all digital RailSounds Hudson system is so realistic, you'll believe you are standing next to the real thing. Fun-open the tender's Electrocoupler anytime, anywhere (even at speed!) in Command operations. Plus the new die-cast 763RS Vanderbilt tender is a true Lionel. So real you'll feel the weight of its 20,000-gallon tank. So detailed, you'll think we shrunk the real thing. And so visually captivating, you'll call it your favorite. And it's only from Lionel! The Lionel 763E. The legend is yours.

  • Powerful Pullmor motor
  • TrainMaster Command Control equipped
  • Wireless tether
  • Smoke generator
  • Railsounds 2.5
  • Magne-traction
  • Detailed cab interior
  • Metal handrails
  • Firebox glow
  • Directional lighting
  • Tender mounted ElectroCoupler
  • Operates on 042 diameter or greater curves
  • Length approx 19"
  • Instructions included

C8 $839 w/Double Bonus: Scale REEFER & Scale Caboose

Lionel, RARELY SEEN New York and Ontario (subsidiary of NYC) First and Last of the "without ears," the True Mohawk ... super powerful with Full Scale Caboose and Full Scale NYC NYMX Express Reefer  completing the set ... C9 on Display in a Lionel Display Case, NEVER RUN, Factory Brand New; a Collectors ORIGINAL.  Phoenominal opportunity to obtain prime example from Lionel's "Heavy Steam" period of the mid 90's.  Ready to ship: C9 (the C10 Sealed locomotive was sold); there is a discount included in this price, and TWO FREE BONUS CARS!!
K761-1751 NYC O Scale NYMX 40' Mechanical Reefer
You can have THIS BONUS CAR, MINT, Full O Scale

FREE Scale Caboose w/Mohawk

BUY NOW only one MINT C10 set at $899!  Factory Sealed Never Opened, Never Run.  Comes with FREE Caboose C-10 Mint, Factory Sealed SOLD SOLD SOLD  But I still have the C9 Mohawk $839
Lionel 50th Anniversary SPECIAL ISSUE $799 MINT
MATCHING 20th Century TWO TONE GREY Perfect Match
Stunning HEAVYWEIGHT 4pac 19079 $359 C8 LNIB wFactory Master Carton
Several C8-C9 HW Coaches/Sleepers for SALE
See list below, also some streamliners, pictured below
Mfg 3 Model Number All "Mint Factory Sealed" unless noted 11-24-13 RR Type Side Nbr
Lionel 19093 SELL ONE Sleeper 2pac Sleepers 19094 NiagaraFalls 19095 HighlandFalls FIND IT  NYC HeavyWeight none
Lionel 7207 Diner Black Smooth Roof Lightning Stripe (both 179 $79  NYC Streamliner 7207
Lionel 19137 Lightning Stipe Roomette Black Smooth Roof Dunkirk Harbor $89  NYC Streamliner Dunkirk Harbor
Lionel 21780 2pac 29140-41 Black Ribbed Roof 20thCentLtd (RoometteCombo) $179  NYC Streamliner BN503
Lionel 19066 2pac Coaches 19067 WillowRiver 19068 WillowValley  NYC HeavyWeight 2543-44
Lionel 19079 4pac Grey 20thCenturyLtd 19080-3 BG-CB-PP-OB C9 $359  NYC HeavyWeight 2564-67
Lionel 19060 SELL ONE COACH 4pac 19056-9 Baggage, 2CoachWillowTrail-WillowRange, ObsSenecaValley  NYC HeavyWeight none
Bonus Car with HW Set
9469 NYC Express Pacemaker Freight Svc Standard O Red-Grey
14552 and 14555 NYC F3 A-B-A TMCC MINT $1099

These new Lionel F3's take the very best of the past, combined with the exacting attention to detail desired today. All-new from the ground up, these models feature accurate, Phase II body design, including metal, see-through screens on the body side as well as on the dynamic brake openings, and pivoting diaphragms on the back doors.

  • Body
  • Durable bodies
  • Control
  • TrainMaster® Command Control equipped—able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode
  • Odyssey® System for speed control
  • Couplers
  • Two ElectroCouplers™ on the front of each "A" unit
  • Frame
  • Die-cast metal frames
  • Lighting
  • Directional lighting including operating headlights and back-up lights
  • Lighted number boards
  • Illuminated cab interior
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fan-driven smoke unit in both the powered and non-powered "A" units
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilots and fuel tanks
  • Separately applied metal details
  • Separately applied metal handrails and screens
  • Accurate builder's plates
  • Engineer and fireman figures
  • Motor
  • Two powerful maintenance-free motors with momentum flywheels
  • Sounds
  • RailSounds™ sound system with CrewTalk™ communication and TowerCom™ announcements
  • Traction
  • Two traction tires per truck
  • Trucks
  • Die-cast metal trucks

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Length of A-A set: 26"

RailLine: New York Central

Also have MINT LCC A-B-A $899 in BLUE GIFT BOX
18178-18135 Perfect for you 20th Century LTD

Mfg 3 Model Number All "Mint Factory Sealed" unless noted 11-24-13 RR Type Side Nbr
Lionel 19093 SELL ONE Sleeper 2pac Sleepers 19094 NiagaraFalls 19095 HighlandFalls FIND IT  NYC HeavyWeight none
Lionel 3464 3464 NYC Dark Orng wBlk Door C6 OPERATING DOORMAN 49-52 159000 early version no face paint $19  NYC Boxcar 159000
K-Line K761-1753 O-Scale Silver HeadEnd (25th Anniversary) $39  NYC Express 
Lionel 6209 Gondola & Coal Load StdO $39  NYC MoW 6209
Lionel 6521 NYC StdO with Stakes $41  NYC Flat 
Lionel 6910 Red Grey Extended Vision $60  NYC Caboose 
Lionel 7207 Diner Black Smooth Roof Lightning Stripe (both 179 $79  NYC Streamliner 7207
Lionel 14552 F3 AA FullScale  wSounds Smoke Diaphragms Odyssey TMCC 1099 ABA NYC Diesel 1606
Lionel 14555 F3 B FullScale  wSounds Smoke Diaphragms Odyssey TMCC 200 discount NYC Diesel 
Lionel 18056 4-6-4 J1-E Hudson w/Vandy TdrTMCC (Mint C-8) Test Run terrific Whistle $1,099  NYC Steam 
Lionel 18067 4-6-4 Weathered Commodore Vanderbilt TMCC, MINT Sealed C-10) $1,199  NYC Steam 777
Lionel 19137 Lightning Stipe Roomette Black Smooth Roof Dunkirk Harbor $89  NYC Streamliner Dunkirk Harbor
Lionel 21780 2pac 29140-41 Black Ribbed Roof 20thCentLtd (RoometteCombo) $179  NYC Streamliner BN503
Lionel 38097 LCC2 Empire State Express 38000 14 wheel PT Very Rare $799  NYC Tender 
Lionel 34183 LCC2 30" Niagara / ESE Display Case w/Niagare or ESE nameplate C8 Brand New but has been used $219  NYC DisplayCase 
Lionel 6002 NYC Black Gondola wScout Trucks (No Box) $11  NYC Gondola 6002
Lionel 16954 Flat Black  w/ertl Scraper put in PRR WorkTrain or Logging $49  NYC Flat 
Lionel 17009 2bay Hopper Covered very nice $39  NYC Hopper 17009
Lionel 17221 Green StdO SPRUNG TRUCKS $39  NYC Boxcar 17221
Lionel 17611 17611 NEW YORK CENTRAL StdO CABOOSE $59  NYC Caboose 
Lionel 9815 NYC StdO NYRB "Early Bird" Plugged Door Electric Reefer $49  NYC Reefer 
K-Line K28701S E-8 A-A TMCC C9 BoxWear FacMC MINT looks Never Run $699  NYC Diesel 4049,4056
Lionel 6462 Gondola, Black  NYC Gondola 
Lionel 6110 2-4-2 Scout Type  NYC Steam 
Lionel 8578 Ballast Tamper Yellow  NYC MU 
3rdRail 3RCUT 4-6-6-4 P-2 Terminal Unit wWood Box $999  NYC Electric 222
Lionel 18026 4-6-4 J3a Smithsonian 20thCL 2R Dreyfuss wOperating Roller Display Case and  Gift WoodBox 084of500 (also PRR K4) $3,499  NYC Steam 5453
Lionel 19079 4pac Grey 20thCenturyLtd 19080-3 BG-CB-PP-OB C9 $359  NYC HeavyWeight 2564-67
Lionel 19060 SELL ONE COACH 4pac 19056-9 Baggage, 2CoachWillowTrail-WillowRange, ObsSenecaValley  NYC HeavyWeight none


Factory NEW C9 NYC E8 wFree Shipping in CONUS
K28701S wTMCC NYC E8 A-A units $699
2-6-6-2 Wheeling & Lake Erie Mallett ... $1499
Superb locomotive ... MINT, Factory Sealed, C-10

K761-1753 NYC Silver EXPRESS Car Full O Scale $49
K761-1753 NYC Silver wK-LINE 25th Anniversary Logo in Black.

HUGE & HEAVY PT TENDER extended RANGE Prototypical: see Composite Photo BELOW / JACK

38097 EXCEPTIONALLY RARE "PT" Tender; black NYC tender as used in late service. FACTORY SEALED IN ORIGINAL CARTON ($799 incl Insured FEDX in CONUS).

ESE Modern Display Case with Name Plate & Track
Plexiglas top with Modern Etched Art Deco Design wShiny Black Base $219

Display Case includes all LCC2 paperwork and promotional literature (Complete Provenance).

Lionel 38000 Empire State Express Hudson MINT C-10 $1,399  NYC Steam (SOLD)
Lionel 34183 30" DisplayCase+CompleteProvenanceSet $199  NYC DisplayCase
Lionel 39266 LCC2 6464 NYC ESE Commemorative Boxcar $79  NYC Boxcar 6464
Lionel 38097 Empire State Express PT Tender $799  NYC Tender EXTREMELY RARE




The Enameled Tinplate Passenger is absolutely beautiful ... Never Opened ... Factory Sealed in Lionel Presentation Box, Factory Sealed in Factory Master Carton, never opened.

LIONEL 51201 Rail Chief 4 Car Passenger Set
Beautiful & RARE Maroon and Red ENAMEL
with Flowing Lines & Interior Illumination, length: 5 feet

51202 Rail Chief Combo
51203 Rail Chief Coach
51204 Rail Chief Coach
51205 Rail Chief Observation

Rugged Metal w/Full ARTICULATION intra-car vestibules
Highest Quality ENAMEL Tinplate Collectors Edition
FACTORY Sealed in Beautiful Lionel Set Box, then
FACTORY Sealed in Master Carton

Original Madison Style LIONEL LINES 5pac $999
Reissue of the ORIGINAL MADISONS C9 wVery Rare BAGGAGE

(SOLD/pending final pmts/JB)  By 1984, only one great Postwar-era locomotive remained for Lionel to tackle—the Scale Hudson. Unlike other 4-6-4s, the Scale Hudson is a ¼” the foot accurate model of the real J-1e Hudsons used by the New York Central. First introduced in 1937, the original Scale Hudson [700E] was also the most highly detailed and ran on special, solid-rail track. Discontinued in 1942, the Scale Hudson was brought back in 1950 and modified slightly to run on regular Lionel track. This engine, #773, was a legend in its time, appearing only in 1950 and being brought back for a brief encore in 1964.

The MPC Scale Hudson was based on the 1964 model, but included the now-standard 2224W die cast tender and all of the usual features associated with Lionel’s high-priced steam engines. Keeping an eye on history, the Lionel design team gave the engine a number [783] reflective of its Postwar heritage.  Highly anticipated, the 8406 sold quickly, but production problems in Mexico delayed its release until 1985. Comparing with subsequent Hudson releases, the 8406 is actually less common than the Scale Hudsons produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

2pac Add-On SMOOTH ROOF SET both cars $179 C9
7207 NYC 20th Century Diner & 19137 Duplex Romette Dunkirk Harbor Smooth Roof $179 + FEDX
14552 and 14555 NYC F3 A-B-A TMCC MINT $1099
29140 Roomette & 29141 Combination Car 2pac $179
Fine Ribbed Roof ... 2 cars MINT Sealed $179 + FEDEX
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