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June 18, 2004 Positive Response Received to $10,000.00 Cash Reward
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The Reward Applicants Are Coming In!

Your offers of assistance... are very much appreciated.  Each offer is being recorded and assigned a code name, password and account number to ensure your personal privacy and positive claim on your $10,000.00 cash reward.
The first person to connect me with any person that provides an action resulting in successful motivation to NRC Commission Chairman Nils. J. Diaz, his fellow commissioners Jeffrey S. Merrifield and Edward McGaffigan Jr. along with their Assistant General Counsel Donald Hassell to reconsider my case and make a monetary settlement to me for damages will absolutely win my $10,000.00 cash reward.
Remember, little things count and can put my $10,000.00 in your pocket for that new house, dream vacation, wedding, car or even your child's college tuition.
You do not have to be a major participant.  Maybe you are a production worker on a television set like the Oprah Winfrey Show, provide pool service for a celebrity like Arnold Swartzenagger or are a maid for Senator Hillary Clinton. You can help my cause and receive my $10,000.00 cash reward. Simply tell them my story as told on my website, invite them to visit and read my websites information,  and ask them if they will tell my story and help me find justice.  This will help me to receive justice, help them receive recognition and put $10,000.00 cash in your hand. This is a Win-Win-Win situation.
In the event that you are a  television, radio, newspaper emloyee or famous personality and help me achieve my goal I would be happy to donate your $10,000.00 cash reward to your favorite charity.
Remember the first person to be successful wins my $10,000.00 cash reward.
I have learned that the laws are rigged against my case with silly loopholes designed to prevent me from receiving justice at the hands of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  My counsel has advised me that through political pressure I can win my case and have my lost life savings and lost assets restored.
All I am asking for is HOPE
What I am offering is $10.000.00 for VICTORY Over the NRC
Yes, it's finally happened in your lifetime... you have found someone that put their money where their mouth is...  Ron Bath, whistleblower to crime and corruption within the NRC.
Please keep an eye on the following people. Let them know that you found out what they have done and that you disapprove when you see them at church, PTA, the grocery store or at work or on the street.
The NRC Hall of Shame
Nils J. Diaz
Jeffrey S. Merrifield 
 Edward McGaffigan Jr.
Donald Hassell
Ellis Merchoff
Kathleen Hammil
Pat Gwynn
Dean Papa
Guy Compton
Joe Tapia
Nancy Holbrook
Karen League
Do You Know These People?
Do You know What Harm Their Alleged Dishonesty Has Caused
Ron Bath and His Family?
They Should all live in Shame!
Have a Hopeful Day!
Ron Bath

Exemption from $10,000.00 Cash Reward
Any of the former NRC employees that have recently "sold out" to their crooked NRC employers and quit the honest and good fight need not apply for my reward.  Read your NRC Judas Pledge and you will find that along with the pieces of silver they bought your silence with, that you are legally barred from disclosing terms of your settlement and therefore muzzled and barred from assisting other whistleblowers...

Chairman Diaz,
It is illegal to bribe a government official; therefore, I cannot offer you my $10,000.00 Cash Reward.  You are not above taking it, in my opinion and belief, but I am above offering it to you.  I remain the same honest person that you and your crooks fired for turning them in for "on the job" criminal activity.
Another day has gone bye and you and your cohorts Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Edward McGaffigan Jr. and Donald Hassell are still allegedly being dishonest with Ron Bath, Congressman Edward J. Markey and the American People.
Call my attorney and do the right thing. Billie is waiting for your call.
You now have a $10,000.00 cash reward offered to motivate you and your "dream team" to do the right thing by me.  Why don't you just do it.  I would consider giving the money to your favorite charity as long as it isn't yourself! (Legal Issue)
You haven't seen anything yet!
This website will stand and be updated until the day that you or your replacement does the honest thing and settles with me.
Ron Bath
PS  I feel that Congressman Edward J. Markey (D-MA) is growing weary of reading your negative, evasive and lying letters. Please apply a little truth and compassion next time.  This isn't Cuba!