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Sailing on the A.J. Meerwald

    The aroma of wood and natural fiber ropes, the sight of huge canvas sails, and the sound of water rushing by the sleek hull:  this is the experience of sailing on an authentic tall ship.  When the wind is brisk the sensation is unforgettable.

    Passengers and crew participate in the seagoing ritual of raising the heavy gaff rigged sails.  The mate calls out the cadence as the sail is hoisted hand over hand to the top of the mast, which is as thick as the trunk of a medium tree.  Soon the sail fills and powers the ship ahead.  The drone of the engine ceases, as the sails take over the work.   It is a memorable moment.    If you are on board at dawn or sunset, the tall ship experience is magnified by the play of light and shadows on the sails, the rigging, and the deck.

    Sailing on this historic schooner is the legacy of our New Jersey seafaring ancestors from Delaware Bay to Sandy Hook.  The sense of history that it evokes is as real as the wind and spray on your face.   And the reminder that the pristine beauty of the sea and bay can not be taken for granted, but must be actively preserved, is the lesson which rings as true as the ship's brass bell.

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    With a length of 110' and a draft of 7', the A.J. Meerwald was built in 1928 as an oyster dredger suited to the waters of the Delaware Bay.   After the decline of oystering in New Jersey, and after a stint as a Coast Guard vessel during World War II, the ship fell into disrepair.  Starting in 1988, the schooner was restored through the efforts and contributions of many individuals, corporations, and foundations.  The vessel was put back into service in 1996, and became the official tall ship of New Jersey in 1998.

    The A.J. Meerwald is becoming a familiar sight along the Delaware Bay and River and the coastal ports of New Jersey.  In addition to providing educational services to school groups, the schooner has a public sail schedule for anyone who wants the experience of sailing on a beautiful classic sailing craft.  The sleepy historic town of Bivalve on the Maurice (pronounced Morris) River is home port to the schooner, and is the site of related activities and facilities, including a museum.

Sponsorship and Further Information

The Schooner A.J. Meerwald is the flagship of the:
Delaware Bay Schooner Project
2800 High Street, Bivalve, Port Norris, NJ 08349
(609) 785-2060    FAX (609) 785-2893

The Schooner Project was founded in 1988 to provide education to conserve and enrich the culture, history, and natural resources of the Delaware Bay Estuary and coastal waters of New Jersey.

The initiatives of the Schooner Project include:

Consider membership in the Delaware Bay Schooner Project.
    Support the A.J. Meerwald and the Schooner Project by becoming a member.
    Send your check to the above address, include your name, address, phone.
Levels of support: Individual ($20),  Family ($30),   Bosun ($50),  Mate ($100) Captain's Circle ($500),   Grande Mariner ($1000)

View public sail schedule:

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