St. Christopher's Windmill

Originally built nearly 150 years ago, the windmill pumped fresh well water to tanks on the third floor of the main house, now St. Christopher Rectory. This afforded the house a gravity-flow water system, an elegant convenience that few, if any, households of that day could match. The original marble sinks are still fixtures in each of the bedrooms.

The advent of electricity relegated her to historical landmark status and a plague of survival problems. On more than one occasion, her demise seemed immanent. Damages were once so extensive that she was scheduled to be demolished. But no matter how bad things have gotten, there has always been a group of concerned folk to help her get on the road to recovery. She has recently received just such treatment. For a lady her age, she is now in incredibly good shape. Nearly a dozen professionals have given unstintingly of their time, talent, and treasure to achieve this truly authentic renaissance.

This windmill can be seen on the property of St. Christopher Parish on Route 20 in Brimfield. It has been frequently photographed and even featured in a book. A footbridge near the windmill provides easy access to parking for Flea Markets in season.