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1961-1967 Ford Econoline front disc brakes

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A very simple front disc brake conversion can be done using 1970-1974 AMC disc brake caliper mounting brackets, calipers, pads and 2001 Ford Mustang front rotors. Machine work is required for the caliper mounting brackets and the original Econoline hubs. Once the machine work is done no modifications are required to the rotors, calipers or pads.
 I will be updating this procedure with specific machining dimensions, part numbers and more detaled photos

Remove the old brakes and backing plates, also the hub and drum.


After machining the center hole of the AMC bracket enough to clear the axle of the Econoline install it as shown using 7/16" fine thread grade 8 bolts and nuts.


To center the caliper on the rotor place a 14 gauge machine bushing at both bolt locations.



The original Econoline hub must have the inner flange surface machined to give a final thickness of 5/16". The inner neck diameter has to be reduced to clear the 2001 Mustang rotor.


The caliper can be mounted using the stock AMC hardware and bolts. Use a 1977 Chevy Impala front brake hose with two copper washers and a 7/16" fine thread banjo bolt.

More photos of a step by step procedure

I am now working on another style caliper bracket and different caliper. 1982 AMC Concorde caliper brackets and calipers will bolt directly to the Econoline axle with no modifications neccessary. If the caliper centers over the rotor properly this will eliminate some machine work and may also be easier to find. If it does not line up correctly I may be able to use a different rotor. I will post more information as things procede.